i am NOT old
teen ager has decided against college

fulfill your life...

i heard this today and it really stuck a chord in my soul.

sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day to day bs that we forget what the BIG PICTURE is all about.

do you ever stop to think how many lives YOU touch and affect every. single. day.? you touch people's lives and you don't even realize it. from the checker at the store to the guy you let in during traffic. without even thinking about it, we are affecting the lives and attitudes of those around us. without even realizing it, you could be affecting decisions people make later that day!!

today was the funeral for the neighbor boy.

the minister did a phenomenal job. he addressed all the kids present. he even took a few moments to talk in teen ager speak...and if you spend any amount of time with teen agers, you know how important that is. he didn't talk AT them, he talked TO them he used their language to let them know that sometimes it just sucks. 

today just sucked. i'm truly sorry that i didn't take the opportunity to know him better. he was an amazing person! he was so accomplished and talented and so well liked by his classmates. his passing is not just a loss to family and friends but to all of humanity.

i am grateful:
  • for my relationship with teen ager
  • for being able to let go of past regrets 
  • for my love/hate relationship with technology  
  • for the happy 'cart guy' at target that always has a smile on his face 
  • for my great pool dudes that are coming tomorrow to put pool to bed for winter 

you guys are on a roll! let's keep it up!!!! you know the drill, right?

just breathing isn't living!

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