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i am NOT old

even though kiroman drives a caddy [aka: the old fart car - because as a kid i always envisioned cadillac drivers as being old men with plaid polyester golf pants wearing a little beret kind of hat]and he also now owns, of all things, a PONTOON boat, I REFUSE TO BE OLD! i will not succumb to the blue hair society quietly!

we've had cruiser boats for years. we have really enjoyed the opportunity to cruise along or go balls out [which is what i prefer to do, imagine that]. for the last few years kiroman has expressed interest in the whole pontoon boat thing...boozer cruiser is what he likes to call them. old fart boats is what i like to call them. at dusk every saturday night, the pontoon boat parade begins with regular clockwork. we even joked about the pontoon boat parade. now, we are part of it! i know, right? me, speed demon herself, required to move along at a snails pace. who would have thought? certainly not i! teenager has also struggled with our newly acquired slowness. obviously she takes after my need for speed and hates to even cruise on the "speed" boat...she is forever begging kiroman to "go faster!"

so, in order to make the pontoon riding a more pleasurable experience, i promptly made a cd to play on Looney Toonz...if you guessed that YMCA and The Macarena are win! [i will be adding the Cha Cha Slide for next season]. and yes, i encourage all riders to participate...and some even miss took her a bit to warm up to the idea of shaking her little 8 year old hips to the macarena [much to her daddy's dismay] she joined me every. single. time. unlike teenager, who thought she was way too cool to engage in my frivolous activities. oh and jenna...we're cool!

i made it through the latter part of this summer without having to actually captain this ship. i was proud of that! now, the speed boat...that's totally different...i love to captain the water loper over the water...breeze blowing my hair and kicking up some hellacious waves for the jet skiers...and you know who i'm talkin' 'bout!

so now, fast forward to this past thursday. it's kiroman's day off so it's usually filled to capacity with what we can't get done over the weekend. so, if you are familiar with the weather we have had here in nebraska lately you know it's time to take the boats out of the water. hmmm...that means the kiroman and trophy wife must work in tandem to get this done...where or where is jim, i wanna know! thankfully the rain has been kept at bay although it is a bit cool.

kiroman offers me the choice of backing the boat trailers down the ramp or loading the boats onto said trailers. well, let me tell you, this is a no-win situation for trophy wife. our boat ramps are too narrow for me and it would take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for me to back them. i have never driven Looney Toonz, let alone drive it onto the trailer. so i asked kiroman if it would be possible for him to back the trailer down the ramp, drive the golf cart back to the house, get the boat and load it himself...only one guess as to what that answer was.

so off i go...captaining the pontoon boat. i can only thank my lucky stars that we did this on a thursday and a crappy one at that. no one was on the lake. no one was even stirring at the lake. that means there were no witnesses to my humbling demise! woohoo for trophy wife. the next bonus point comes when i am able to navigate that big, bad boy right onto the trailer like am a freaking professional. oh ya! first try! i even remembered to trim the motor as i was captaining! although kiroman felt it prudent to remind me several times...he was being a bit paranoid about his old fart boat and i'm ok with that.

looney toonz has now been winterized, had her oil changed and is presently awaiting two more speakers [all the better to hear the macarena] and a stereo deck with ipod hook up. oh ya...we will be cruisin' in style come may 2010. hope to see you there!

i am grateful:
  • there was such a great turnout for the patient appreciation day for koca chiropractic
  • there was a great turnout for the generation rx screening 
  • that i can have heat in my house at the click of a button 
  • my friends that keep me sane when i think i am crawling out of my own skin 
  • the crazy wind we've had the last few days [ok week] has left us for today 
you guys are so impressive!!!! you have been great about commenting and gratitudes...let's keep it up!!! you know the just go do it!

just breathing isn't living!

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