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teen ager going off to college and the whole empty nest syndrome thingy, it's a good time to talk about this: so this past saturday, teen ager had nothing to do until about 7pm so she asked us to dinner! we were honored! a saturday night dinner with our teen ager, at her request? we're there, absolutely! our dinner conversation... Read more →

so...teen ager has changed her mind many times on what she wanted to do after high school. after 9-11, she was totally intent on going into the military. we were ok with that. the only problem i had with it is that teen ager does not like to get up at oh dark thirty. nor does teen ager take kindly... Read more →

even though kiroman drives a caddy [aka: the old fart car - because as a kid i always envisioned cadillac drivers as being old men with plaid polyester golf pants wearing a little beret kind of hat]and he also now owns, of all things, a PONTOON boat, I REFUSE TO BE OLD! i will not succumb to the blue hair... Read more →

just a quick note to tell all my blog readers, commenters and personal emailers: thank you! even though this family may not know you personally, i know they can feel the power of prayer for them. hug your loved ones and make sure they know you love them tonight...well...every night...every day... just breathing isn't living! sincerely, Read more →

and listen to what they have to say. last night the most heinous of tragedies struck a neighborhood family. his older brother had also been a classmate of teenagers before she changed high schools. he and his brother spent time at our house...teenager spent time at their house. we KNEW this kid! this boy was only in 8th grade. he... Read more →