i saw a glimpse of the future
i get it...

since we were talking about...

teen ager going off to college and the whole empty nest syndrome thingy, it's a good time to talk about this:

so this past saturday, teen ager had nothing to do until about 7pm so she asked us to dinner! we were honored! a saturday night dinner with our teen ager, at her request? we're there, absolutely!

our dinner conversation quickly turned to college [see, i told you she was jk'ing about not going]. her biggest worries about college: will her dorm room have its own bathroom or is she going to have use a common bathroom. when she was told it depends on which dorm she is in, she quickly informed us that she will not be showering during the week but will wait til she comes home on the weekends because she is a certified germ-a-phobe...think Monk here! her next question was how far her choice of college is from her bff's. because kiroman has made mention of getting a duplex and renting out one side while teen ager is in college. 

kiroman went on to tell teen ager how much he is going to miss having her in the same house every.single.night. meanwhile, i have visions of her lugging home every bit of clothing she owns to have me wash, dry and fold while she goes out on the weekends!

anyways...i then say well, maybe dad will live in the other side of the duplex and just drive back and forth to work every day!

teen ager and kiroman both thought that was a great idea...sure! until teen ager hits the actual going to college age...maybe then it won't be so cool to have daddy right next door.

but then, i could be wrong. very wrong!

i am grateful:

  • teen ager still asks for me to drive her to school
  • having lunch with mom, jenn and tristan!
  • for getting out of town this weekend
  • crossing items off the TO - DO list
  • pretty cool teachers

at least a few of you "get it", how about the rest of YOU!!!!! just do it [thanks nike]

just breathing isn't living!


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