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teen ager has decided against college

so...teen ager has changed her mind many times on what she wanted to do after high school.

after 9-11, she was totally intent on going into the military. we were ok with that. the only problem i had with it is that teen ager does not like to get up at oh dark thirty. nor does teen ager take kindly anything that resembles an order. we encouraged her. we backed her. we said it was ok with us. and really, it was...although i felt she should go in as an officer rather than enlisted. it was all good until someone asked her what she wanted to DO in the military. she could only answer 'i want to go into the military'. she couldn't really name which branch or what she was interested in doing.

lately, she has decided that she wants to be a medical examiner. ya know, that kind that looks at bodies and deciphers how and why they died. she's fascinated by that. always has been. ask her about the time we found a WHOLE HIND LEG, from hip to hoof, in her bedroom...we couldn't figure out what that godawful smell was!!!! anywho...so now we are on to medical examiner...she doesn't watch any of those csi or dr.g shows...she's just interested. so she's decided on nebraska wesleyan for undergrad and ne med for graduate school.

i'm cool with this, too. wherever her passion carries her is fine by me, as long as it doesn't include a gold pole and pasties.

now...the other day we were driving from point a to point b and out of the freaking blue she says to me: 

Teen Ager: mom, i don't think i wanna go to college anymore

Kirowyf: um, ok. so what do you think you wanna do instead?

TA: i think i just wanna live in the basement with you guys forever.

[first of all, i don't blame her. i would live in our basement forever if i were her]

KW: you do understand that you will have to have some kind of job though? 

TA: [looks at me like i'm a certified whack job] whataya mean?

KW: like a job to at least pay for your gas and stuff. and without a college education, you'll probably be a waitress or something.

TA: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. [thinks for a minute and then:] i can work at Hooters! i have the ta ta's for it!

i really hope she was JKing [just kidding] about not going to college...

actually, i have a pretty good idea she was so it's all good!

I am grateful:

  • the freaking snow melted off FAST!
  • for a fireplace that comes on with the flip of a switch and turns off just as easy!
  • spending time with great people!
  • having the understanding and support of great people!
  • for having a great dinner with teen ager and kiroman

i know...it's been awhile but i'm sure you all remember the drill!!!! just do it!

just breathing isn't living!


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