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Waco, Texas wrap up

so...i am compelled to start off by telling you that teenager and i have been doing a bit of traveling lately. not too much, mind you, but just enough that we are seeing parts of America that we have never seen before. like podunk towns and hee haw airports.

our very first hee haw airport was Monroe, La. No offense, Michelle H!!!! but when she told us that we could be at the airport 30 minutes before our flight, i really didn't believe her until we arrived at the airport! they didn't even open the counter to check our bags until 30 minutes before our flight and security opened after that! once through security, there were no restrooms! yikes! the guy at the counter was the same guy that guided the plane on the tarmac. no joke!

so now, fast forward two weeks to today. once again, we arrived way too soon! i should have known when there was only one baggage claim when we arrived here friday night. however, we were able to check bags and go through security an hour prior to departure! each of these airports have three gates...all within 10 feet of one another. this airport has bugs! cool little beetle things. teenager and i were sitting on the floor, next to an outlet so that she could charge her laptop. all of a sudden, she started screaming "Get it off! Get it off!!" so i turned to see what the heck was going on and there was a beetle crawling across her boob!!! i did get it flicked off, in between bouts of shrieking laughter! we used the longer computer charging cord and moved to the chairs. teenager now swears she is about to go to battle with that beetle! i wonder who will win?

i am very disappointed in myself. i really wish i had documented our hee haw airport adventure in Monroe but i have documented Waco. definitely a new avenue to pursue!

all pictures are taken from sitting on the floor, prior to teenager's beetle batle!

picture 1: you can see security, where they check your id and boarding pass in one fell swoop!

picture 2: is welcoming you to Waco

picture 3: just to show you the vastness of the one terminal!

all in all, it was a great weekend in Waco, with the exception of teenager falling extremely ill. as the day went on saturday, she just got worse until she reached the point of not being able to talk at all. or swallow. or beathe. or see through her runny eyes. saturday night was quite pitiful until she finally feel asleep. at that point, the coughing quit and she slept. sunday morning was awful...i let her sleep in the car, with it running so the air was on...now, no griping at me, ok? my kid was sick and she needed to be handy at the show and it was way too hot for her to sit at the stalls. so she slept in the car for a few hours til it was show time. she was a rockstar and got out there and did her job as the trooper i know her to be. both classes were great and she and cookie rocked it!!! however, she paid the price last night. she coughed forever but slept for about 2 hours until the coughing started up again at 5:30.

they are calling for our flight so i must get this done!

i am grateful:

  • for having such a tremendous teenager!
  • for the ability to fly [on airplanes, not like super hero flying, silly!]
  • for cell phones with internet access to keep in touch with everyone at home while traveling
  • for cookie
  • for being on the way home!

just breathing isn't living!


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edited to add: definitely hee haw -  the lady next to me is now clipping her nails and letting them just fall onto the floor! eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww gross!