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hotel living; part one

i had to name it part one because i'm sure there will be a part deux at some point!

so let's start at the beginning of this trip, shall we?

teenager and i hit the road about noon on Fri to head south. way south. like 10 hours south. depending on the route you might take, you could end up in Sherman, Texas. that's the route we chose to take since that's where we wanted to end up.

so we roll in just a hair after 10pm to the ol' Holiday Inn Express because i am a priority club member that really doesn't mean squat except that i get a room close to the elevator. which isn't always that pleasant as you hear the elevator ding all night long as other guests joy ride between the lobby floor and mine. but anyway, i digress, or maybe that is part of the whole saga...i don't know but we will see how this unfolds, ok?

we check in, get our room, grab a rolly cart thingy to put the luggage on because, well, we're down here for like 12 days and we have a lot of crap with us! get up to our room, teenager jumps in the shower and i turn on the laptop to catch up on facebook only to find that the internet is not working in our room [it wasn't working when i stayed her last week either]. so i pick up the phone to call the front desk to see what the issue is only to find that i have no dial tone. frickin great. that means riding the slow elevator to the lobby floor. which i do because i want my internet!

at the front desk i am told that the internet is working intermittently. to which i say "intermittently? did you ever get it fixed from last week?" at least she admitted to me that they hadn't. then i reported that my phone didn't work and that's why i had to come downstairs. i was then told that they have problems with this phone. fan - freaking - tastic. at that point she offered to move me to another room. and i was up for that until she told me the only other room she had was a king with a pull out..uh, not only NO but HELL NO! we are living in this room for 5 freaking days...i do not want a pull out that is just a pain in the ass. besides, teenager was already in the shower and had half her stuff unpacked. i was not interested in packing stuff up and moving rooms after being on the road for 10 hours, lugging our crap into one room already and unpacking what we had already unpacked. so i told her, well, maybe i need to find a new place to stay then and walked to the eternally slow elevator.

once in bed, the only thing i hear are the elephants staying above us. i swear that i had to sign the no pet policy when i checked in and have no idea how the people on the floor above was able to transport the elephant passed the front desk, into the elevator and squeeze it through the room door. yet they did. i heard the proof...all.night.long. and once 5:30am hit, it was like they were practicing for their circus act...i swear, the light fixture in our bathroom actually shook with every step.

when my alarm finally alerted me to the fact it was time to get out of bed...definitely not to wake up as i spent most of the night awake anyways...i found that the front desk had checked me out! are you kidding me? ya, i know i mentioned having to find a new place but i never told her i was actually leaving. a)it's the weekend, b)there was some freaking baseball tourny in town and the hotels around me are full, c)i was just mad and irritated the night before because nothing was working right in my room. jeesh! so i got it all straightened out before we headed to the ranch for the morning.

for our mid-day break, we headed to the hotel room to hang and cool off...only to find that HBO doesn't work in our room either. so i trek back down to the front desk to report the cable malfunction. and was told that she thought they had that fixed. here's what i think...Holiday Inn Express can't pay their bill to the cable provider that provides access to the internet and they premium channels. what other possibility could there be? so she told me to check it again later and let her know.

now, mind you, i am paying full rate for this room that does not give me access to the advertised in room wi-fi and HBO. i'm just grateful for what little tv we do get, the air conditioner works, teenager has her own real bed and the room is relatively clean except for the foundation makeup that is splattered on the shower curtain and was there when we stayed in this very room in March or April...whenever we were here for pictures this past spring.

so this afternoon, we still have no HBO and this is important because True Blood is on tonight and i need my HBO because i did not set my dvr at home for it. i was counting on the hotel's HBO to be working so i could catch episode two of season three tonight.

i trekked back down to the front desk to report the continuing HBO issue. new front desk person tells me that i shouldn't be getting that error message. no kidding? i had no idea, thanks for the info. i reported that i had talked with someone else about this issue and she told me it had been reported and she thought it was taken care of because no one else bu me had reported it not working. the gal today just kept telling me it should work just fine. i know it SHOULD work just fine, but it's not working at all. apparently she did not understand my english but i thought i was pretty clear.

so tonight, we return from our evening ride at the ranch, followed by ice cream only to find that frickin HBO still is on the frits and i'm not going to see True Blood tonight. and that bites.

i am grateful:

  • we had an uneventful trip to Texas
  • teenager is having a great time with Cookie
  • the Hummer is still going strong with no probs!
  • cherry lime-aids from sonic
  • ice cream breaks

just breathing isn't living!


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