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leadership sans vulgarity

i just need to point out that the title of this post is derived from a status posted by kiroman.

here is the thing, folks. we had a president that misused the oval office for sexual gratification and it was immensely publicized. was it the first time? probably not. will it be the last time? i doubt it. however, it was a first in this time of instant knowledge via, internet and 24 news coverage from cable channels. this same president swore he did not have sexual relations with said barely woman. he swore it! but then we find out it was just oral sex. our president claims that it wasn't real sex, just oral sex. does anyone know what happened to the teen age statistics of those participating in oral sex after this? it rose by billions of percentage points. why? because it isn't considered REAL SEX. just ask the president of the united states! if he doesn't consider it real sex, then why should they?

fast forward a few years. we have a new guy in the white house. first, without having any idea of any real situation, he calls police officers' actions STUPIDLY because they question a man breaking into a house. said man should have been smart enough to show some id right away that proved he lived in the house he was breaking into but he didn't. he chose to fight the police officers and our president sides with him. whatever. then, when potus thinks he is off record, he is caught calling someone an asshole. i don't remember the specifics but i think that was uncalled for. then we have a vpotus drop the f bomb right in front of the microphone! what an idiot. then potus wants to kick some ass over the oil spill. [i personally think he should start with his own since he ignored for far too long]. now the vpotus calls a guy a smartass because he had the balls to ask for our taxes to be lowered. wtf??? i thought our leaders were better educated than this. they should be able to find better words to use than vulgarity. i'm just sayin'.

so here is what i think teens across the us should do...when school comes back into session, it's ok to drop the f bomb, it's ok to call people call other people assholes and smartasses. and i don't think they should be in trouble one iota! why? because the leaders of our country say it's ok. they do it all the time in public.

it's time for this regime to grow up and act like respectable adults. they need to be setting a decent example for the children of the us of a. maybe i should send them a thesaurus.

i am grateful:

  • for being back home!
  • for having a spunky teen age daughter
  • for the sunshine!
  • for great friends
  • for renewing old friendships!

just breathing is not living!


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