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hotel living; part one

right is right and wrong is wrong

and one of these days i will probably get my a$$ kicked over not being able to keep my mouth shut over what i think is WRONG.

here's the rest of the story:

i headed to the local mall in the city. i chose the one that has most of my favorite places...Buckle, Yankee Candle, Bath & Body and Victoria's Secret. yep, THAT one.

after a stop to pick up some new jeans before our foray to the World Show, i headed to get some plug-in fresheners. as i was walking in to the store, i watched a teen age boy physically throw a piece of paper on the ground. he was standing with a friend but i still stopped and asked him if he thought it was ok to throw his garbage on the floor. he just looked at me like i was an alien and said it wasn't his. whatever, i saw it leave his hand so i shrugged my shoulders, gave him a look that said he was pathetic and started to walk into the store. as i turned my back, he had the audacity to call me an idiot. ok, any of you that know me personally, know that was the ABSOLUTE WRONG thing to do. i immediately stopped, turned back to him and said excuse me? did you just call me an idiot? at least he had the where withall to not even look at me. i gave him a supreme head-shake and heavy sigh and turned back toward the store where i was promptly greeted by his MOTHER.

who started screeching like a fish monger's wife in my face. that her son didn't throw garbage on the floor. so i corrected her...telling her i saw it in his hand and watched him THROW it down. she yelled that i shouldn't ASSUME things about her son! i also informed her that he called me an idiot, to which she said he didn't. so i asked her how the hell she knew any of this since she was IN THE STORE WHEN IT HAPPENED? and walked to the back of the store to smell out the scents. she kept screeching about how i shouldn't assume anything about her son and she's going to teach me a lesson. [holy cow, bitch, calm down!] of course, i couldn't keep my mouth shut and had to tell her that i was assuming nothing since i witnessed the whole thing with my own eyes!

the answer i got to that: as i turned to smell the scents and turned back, she was within an inch of my face! no way! yes way! i couldn't believe it. really! i couldn't. so i very quietly and very menancingling told her to get the eff out of my face. to which she answered whattayagonnadoaboutit? i told her, you don't want to find out so get out of my face this point, the salespeople in the store came over and told her to leave. she just keep jawing in my face. and they TOLD her again to get out. so she started to leave then turned and told me that she would be waiting out there for me to which i gave her a snarky little sneer and said ooooooooooooooookay. then purchased my fresheners.

when i left the store...they were waiting in the hall. no kidding! so i just went on to my next stop. on the way, i saw a cute pair of zebra bootie socks that i knew teenager would LOVE so i headed over to the shop to get them. as i approached, i noticed that part of her crew was waiting at the door. as i entered the store, the creepy teen age son was walking out. when he saw me, he took a bee line toward me to try to hit me with his shoulder. no, i'm not exaggerating, i could just read it in his body language. but i did everything in my power to avoid him. i found my zebra socks and walked to the counter to pay and guess who was there? oh ya, HER. i stood from me to you away and waited my turn to check out. she kept turning to stare at me and i kept ignoring that we were  even breathing in the same atmosphere. finally, she completed her very complicated transaction of returning an item and having something shipped to her house. whatever. don't care. then it was my turn. whew. although, i must say that as i was standing next to her, trying to ignore her very existence on the outside...on the inside, i was ripping her ungrateful, disrespectful heart out of her chest with my bare hands.

so as i left the store and then the mall and walked to my car, i was left wondering exactly where she was and when she was going to beat the crap out of me like she had threatened.

the point of me telling you this unbelievable story is this: i am so tired of society. i am so tired of the less than mediocre society that thinks it's ok to throw garbage on the floor for someone else to pick up. i am tired of parents that are raising and defending these assholes. i am tired of the lack of dignity and respect that people have as a whole. i'm not talking about every one. i KNOW there are good and decent people out there. i just wish i met them more frequently than i do these kinds of people.

another great example: after this great adventure, i chose to travel west to yet another mall because i needed to visit a make up store and a very specialized techy store. as i traveled from Sephora to Apple, i met an elderly lady with a walker and oxygen. she was just standing in front of a door for a store. as i approached her, i saw several people just pass her by. what i saw was an elderly woman with an unwieldy walker, looking at a door that would be difficult to maneuver on her own. when i reached her, i asked if she needed help with the door...noticing that the woman walking in front of me, who had totally ignored the elderly woman, slowed her pace and prepared to turn back when the answer i received was that she wasn't going in but just waiting for her daughter to come out. but profusely thanked me for wanting to help her. ummm...isn't that what decent people do? help each other out? jeez louise, people! an elderly woman should not be shocked that someone wanted to help her...she should be pissed as hell that people walked right by without one iota offer to help her!

i am tired of people not willingly helping each other. i am tired of the me me me me me me mentality.

so what i am really saying: it's time for all of us to step up and play big! we only get one chance at this life and we need to make the absolute best of matter what we are doing! i don't care if you just sit and pick your nose! be the best nose picker ever! the only way this is going to change is if there are more people like me, and hopefully like you, who are willing to step up and say or do the right thing no matter the consequence. it isn't always about placing blame and wanting to go kick some ass... even if that is what the leader of the free world suggests. it would serve him well, to spend a little time here with Trophy Wife and get his sh*t figured out.

i am grateful:

  • that bitch didn't swing at me today
  • it didn't rain today [yet]
  • the guy at the Apple store was so helpful
  • the FedEx guy was so cool
  • for the best family a gal could ask for!

just breathing isn't living!


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