Waco, Texas wrap up
right is right and wrong is wrong

too much time to think

about really random things...

somewhere on I-35 South, in the middle of Nowhere, OK, i passed a charlaois cattle farm. they are by far, my most favorite kind of cattle...no angus, hereford, jersey, long horn, short horn or cross breds for me. charlaois do it for me every single time.

just check one out. check out the ears! i just love them!

another great game to play: license plates. i am compelled to check out every single license plate that passes me, that i pass or that i meet. seriously. on another similar strip of interstate, i actually met another vehicle from my little ol' town. how crazy is that? i thought it was crazy. humor me, please. these are the plates i saw today: nebraska, new jersey, colorado, minnesota, tennessee, indiana, missouri, maine, utah, iowa, oklahoma, oregon, wyoming, maryland, california, montana, north dakota, alabama, arkansas and illinois.

i wonder how long one must travel the highways of our nation to collect them all?

ok, that's it for tonight. i'm bushed. it was a long time in the car today.

ps...teenager slept pretty much the whole 10.5 hours...lucky

i am grateful:

  • the hummer got us here in one piece
  • for my peeps at home that made this trip possible for me and teenager [kiroman and jenny]
  • for not having one conflict with a trucker the whole way down here!
  • for happy people along our trail [even teenager commented on how happy people were today!]
  • for a nice little walk to the convenience store tonight to stretch was travel weary body!

just breathing is not living!


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