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anatomy of a horse show...

so i told you last night that we spent the past weekend at a horse show. the last post explained the goat dressing competition.

this post is about the horse show itself:

if you don't horse show, will never horse show, are afraid of horses, dust, dirt and the hurry up and wait mentality, this is not the hobby for you. i repeat, do not attempt horse showing.

i wish i had thought to take pictures to really explain horse showing but i am relying on the talents of family and friends for this one. my camera, although not far from me physically, was the last thing on my mind. teenager has a "thing" about cameras in her face while putting her own game face on. sometimes she deals well with my snapping fanatasism and sometimes not. i already knew this was NOT the weekend for me to be snapping away.

so here goes: show starts at 8am, we arrive around 10am. thus begins the hurry up and wait mode. teenager participates in the youth western pleasure only. depending on where we are, it might be the  14-18 [years old] or the 18 & Under. this class happens later in the day...after the halter, the showmanship, the hunter, the equitation and sometimes the trail. always after the all important lunch break.

so why do we arrive so dang early? because you don't want to miss anything. because you know there are classes being judged and completed and in your blood, you just know that you must arrive early and be ready! there are tails to wash, horses to groom, hats to dust, saddles to clean and boots to shine. oh, and you wait for the horse trainer to signal you to jump on your horse and take a few practice trips around before your class. in this, you never know when that time might be so you must be like the boy scouts and just always be prepared!!!

let me explain the photo collage:


  • photo 1: teenager and kiroman are having a little chat about strategy. about being confident. about being focused as all get out.
  • photo 2: teenager sitting on cookie, getting last minute tips from horse trainer.
  • photo 3: teenager on cookie talking to trophy wife...working out a few strategies of their own, like teenager wanting a gatorade waiting for her when she comes out of the class. or maybe teenager is telling me that it's too hot to put on that heavy leather, bejeweled jacket or the hat is hurting her head or whatever last minute thoughts that go through teenagers mind. whatever it takes to get through, that's what we do!
  • photo 4: teenager and cookie doing their thing in the pen
  • photo 5: once again, the duo doing their thing oh so well
  • photo 6: apparently it was a job well done...just check out the neck petting...that solidifies a job well done
  • photo 7: this smile. this smile tells it all. it tells me that teenager had an awesome ride. it tells me that cookie was an awesome pony today. it tells me that much was accomplished this day. it tells me that all is right in the horse show world.

this post has made me realize that i really need to get the "good" camera out to more shows. you know the one...it has the really awesome lens that will let me take really cool photos from long distances. those photos that no one knows you are taking until they see themselves tagged on facebook or plastered in a blog post. i need to document this from beginning to end. no matter how much teenager protests, you know some day she will appreciate the fact that i said to hell with it and carry that ginormous camera and lens and snap away.

these moments happen only once. even though these events recur, the moments are always different. and deserve to be documented.

i am grateful:

  • the rain will clear out for the weekend
  • red is feeling so much better
  • for dr. thomasson for helping red heal so nicely
  • ashton kutcher saw fit to film killers because it rocked
  • for underarmour work out pants...they are the bomb!

life doesn't have to be perfect. it just has to be lived.


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