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anatomy of a horse show...

weekend re-cap

we spent labor day weekend at a horse show in good ol' lincoln, ne. yep, you heard me. espuela ranch made the 14 hour trek to the north with hot lips cookie [aka cookie] and scenic ocean drive [aka lola]. a grand time was had by one and all!

teenager showed sunday and monday but she and i arrived friday night to help unload horses and tack and to just be there in horse show mode, ya know? well, if you don't horse show, you probably don't know but we do and we do!

saturday morning we headed over for teenager to get some riding time in. kiroman showed up after he was done with practice members and we all just hung out and ended the day with dinner at a true lincoln tradition, misty's steakhouse. 

sunday morning started off pretty much the same way except i kept hearing these announcements about a goat dressing competition to be held after the show that night. it was a fundraiser for the youth club. that got my wheels turning. g and i decided it would be a great thing for kiroman, teenager and horse trainer to be involved in. for obvious reasons, they didn't quite agree.

photo 1 is me presenting the goat dressing idea to kiroman. you can tell that it took some serious talking because he was totally against the idea from the moment i opened my mouth.

photo 2 is me convincing him what a great thing it would be if we were involved in the youth fundraiser. how hard could it be to dress a goat? really? also...the winning team last year took home $300!

photo 3 is me being very excited that all my begging paid off.

here is the goat dressing video:

even with all their complaining, our team was awesome and great sports and had lots of would be amazed at all the planning that was involved in order to get a goat properly dressed!

so, with that...the show was great! our barn went home with 10 first places and 2 second places. not bad for 2 horses, 2 riders, 6 classes and 4 judges!

in case you missed it on her facebook or my facebook...i'm posting this great project here. you gotta check it out. even if your kids have already started can still jump in RIGHT now. i am. i challenge you to do the same. it's such a great idea, there is no way you can pass it up! check it out! Stacy Julian is doing 180 Days.

i am grateful:

  • teenager had a great weekend at the horseshow
  • so many friends and family came to cheer her on all weekend!
  • for a short week this week
  • for the scacrifice pur soldiers and their families make for our continued freedoms
  • the maids were here today!

life doesn't have to be perfect. it just has to be lived!


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