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there are so many times i could say, yep! that's totally me right now. especially right before a holiday. right before a holiday that will be gathering at my house. every chair and plate will be filled. but this year? this year, i am ready. bring it on! i don't feel stressed. or rushed. or out of sorts. or panicked.... Read more →

teen ager is a high school senior. college is just around the corner. she may be leaving us. temporarily? permanently? i don't know. i don't want to know yet. she has changed her plans. radically. she went from staying at home for the first year and attending a local college to wanting to be on an equestrian team and moving... Read more →

my streak. i have posted something everyday since oct 1st until this past wednesday. and then i missed two days in a row. sadness. disappointment. no, not you. me. the sadness is that i didn't even realized i had missed wednesday until i was already tucked into bed. and last night? well, it was epoc day. it was cleaners day.... Read more →

yep, you read that right. she has no business being head of homeland security with this kind of thought process. actually, i'm completely fed up with this regime handing out and making public "all our secrets" but yet, when it came to the freaking healthcare bill, there was not one ounce of transparency. so janet thinks it's ok to give... Read more →

the last half of this week has been a whirlwind of home improvements being accomplished! first off, our garage lights outside needed to be replaced. there is one that is just too close to the screen door that doesn't like to stay latched in high winds. the door has smashed several fixtures over the last few years. this summer kiroman... Read more →

it's snowing. i don't like snowing. i like sunshine. i like warm weather. i don't like snowing. it's wet. it's cold. the stupid outlets quit working for the pond. which means the outlets in kiroman's office don't work either. which means the internet doesn't work either. unless you are a trophy wife like me and can string extension cords through... Read more →