it's starting to sink in...

"chaos is a friend of mine." ~ bob dylan

there are so many times i could say, yep! that's totally me right now.

especially right before a holiday.

right before a holiday that will be gathering at my house.

every chair and plate will be filled.

but this year?

this year, i am ready.

bring it on!

i don't feel stressed. or rushed. or out of sorts. or panicked.

i feel really good.

the food is all purchased. the recipes are clipped together and ready to be used. what i'm not making has been delegated.

i am really looking forward to having a house full!

my mom, kiroman's mom, kiroman's dad and all their respective spouses, along with one brother and his family will be here. missing 2 bros and their fam's and grandma. one bro is half way across the country and the other is hosting his own dinner while grams opted to not make the trip this time. but no worries, she is going to her son's.

i believe this will be the first time kiroman and i will spend a holiday with all our parents.

i'm excited. i'm prepared.

i am grateful:

  • for great friends that helped teen ager out in a jam today
  • for a clean refrigerator prior to Thanksgiving
  • the tank heaters in the koi pond are working
  • heated water buckets in the barn
  • my house, in my car!

just breathing isn't living!


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