just gratitudes
janet napolitano is an effing idiot

i like to schedule

things on my things.

i think i've talked about things before.

it's an awesome task list. it's awesome because it syncs my task list between laptop, ipad and iphone. my task list is always up to date no matter what electronic gadget i'm carrying...as long as i remember to sync whatever device i've been using to check the items off.

here's what i love: i can put one time tasks down. i can have recurring tasks. and when i'm done with a task, i check it off and it disappears. at least from my working list. once checked off, it goes into my logged filed should i need the info at a later date.

so with my things...i schedule the things that need done every day. things i need to remember to get done. things that sometimes you think you just did it but then it shows up in today and you realize it really has been that long!

like adding the cascade rinse aid to the dishwasher once a month. changing the furnace filter once a month [plus i write the date on the filter itself - thanks, amy, for that tip], changing the sheets, rinsing garbage cans, paying bills, freshening the garbage disposal...whatever needs to be done to take care of the pond...you name it, i put it in things. i don't have to remember anything...except to write in things!

i am grateful:

  • for my families safe travels
  • for getting some laundry washed, dried, folded and put away today
  • for having lunch with teenager, her friend and her friend's mom
  • for eye candy...makes me happy
  • for a clean kitchen

project life is snapping away!

just breathing isn't living!


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