me + hockey = hmmmm?
i love give aways...

i see a trend here...

kiroman headed out to NYC again this morning. seems like he was just there...oh, wait, he was. he got home monday morning!

this time it is work related. and i'm cool with that. good people. good connections. good for him.

teenager and i spent some of the day shopping together again. seems like we just did that too. oh wait, we did! today was not nearly as fruitful as it was last weekend. we came home with some mixes from williams-sonoma, a shirt for kiroman from the buckle, plug in air fresheners, a really cool spatula and some hot cocoa from bed bath and beyond and some awesome things from the hallmark open house.

and that was the extent of our treasure hunting today.

and now, teenager is in bed. sick. again. or is it still? perhaps that's whey treasure hunting was so fruitless today...she was not at the top of her game.

i'm glad she made the wise choice to stay home tonight and rest. i checked on her at 10pm and she was zonked out.

project life is being photographed diligently. printed? not so much!

and that concludes the post for today.

i am grateful:

  • kiroman has the big idea
  • for wheelbarrows
  • for spell check
  • for blog trains
  • for my target red card and saving 5% every. single.time.i shop there.

just breathing isn't living!


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