i totally blew
"chaos is a friend of mine." ~ bob dylan

it's starting to sink in...

teen ager is a high school senior.

college is just around the corner.

she may be leaving us.



i don't know.

i don't want to know yet.

she has changed her plans. radically.

she went from staying at home for the first year and attending a local college to wanting to be on an equestrian team and moving outta state.

this puts us behind the 8-ball just a smidge. but not too much.

application is done. test scores sent. ncaa clearinghouse - don't even ask but it's done. just need to finalize some horsemanship video, which will be done with the fine help of jeff and windy allen tomorrow afternoon.

and then we wait. and i fret. and i chew my cuticles to absolutely nothing. once i had fingers and nails,  now i have bloody stumps. but it's better than filling up with junk food and extra #'s.

project life took a little blip but it will be ok, i promise!

i am grateful:

  • all food items needed for thanksgiving dinner are purchased
  • for not freaking out of the college application process for teenager - at least not too much
  • for getting the furnace at the cabin repaired today
  • for my new wheels - i love it!
  • for feeling "ready" for thanksgiving dinner

just breathing isn't living!


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