lil sister has no personal hygiene
no post tonight


it doesn't happen very often. but sometimes it does happen. even to trophy wife. and today it happened BIG.


there are just too many factors working against me this week. it's a pms week for sure. then i feel behind on stuff here at home. seems like i can't get ahead of the laundry. i can't stay ahead of the's been in a state of chaos all week. the kitchen table is under there somewhere...i know it is! the christmas lights that were installed last week, blew all over the place and had to be fixed. but now some of them don't work and that requires another phone call. the fall clean up for the landscape was only done half assed so that requires another phone call. cujo insists on barking his head off whenever it's time for a potty break and i can't take it!

on top of all that, teenager has graduation stuff due this week. for announcements, thank you's, keepsake tassels, memory books and clothes. i'm not ready.

it's time to get some college visits going. i know i'm behind on this one and tomorrow has got to be catch up day. i have to get some things going and scheduled and taken care of.

overwhelm. it's just a little too much.

"sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple." ~ dr suess

it will be better and i know that. i just needed a little pity party tonight and it's totally ok that i was the only one invited and the only one there. you wouldn't have wanted to be there, trust me.

project life is snapping away. i think i need to get motivated to get some photos printed and start filling my album. i know that will cheer me up.

i am grateful:

  • for a fresh manicure today
  • for dogs that potty outside
  • for seat heaters
  • for paper towels and cleaning spray
  • for the buzzer on my clothes dryer

just breathing isn't living!


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