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what an eventful week at our house!

the last half of this week has been a whirlwind of home improvements being accomplished!

first off, our garage lights outside needed to be replaced. there is one that is just too close to the screen door that doesn't like to stay latched in high winds. the door has smashed several fixtures over the last few years. this summer kiroman picked out some cool lights to put up. he fixed the one closest to the screen door and wham! bam! thank you ma'am! the wind caught the door and smashed yet another fixture to smithereens! this time i decided to not let him install another one until we had this door under control. so last sunday, we didn't put just one closer on it but two. and they are bad ass closers! best ones we've used yet! but wait, we didn't stop there...we also added one of those dorky [yes i know what that means but i like the word anyway] chains to the screen. so far so good so i called the electrician!

they were here friday afternoon. not only did they repair the box where smashed fixture lives, they replaced the other two garage lights, the light fixtures on the deck and the light fixture in the screened porch. oh, we're not done!

the light in the kitchen burned out about 2 years ago. i tried to remove the glass globe in order to change the bulbs. no can do. years ago i had an electrician out to fix a ceiling fan and move a floor outlet. he looked at it and couldn't remove the globe either. his suggestion was to buy another fixture and break this one to get it out. i wasn't too hip on it...obviously. plus i liked the fixture and couldn't find an exact replacement. well...i had scheduled to have it replaced on friday so i had to find one NOW. so thursday i actually found one that i liked. bonus!

and that's not all!

remember i just mentioned that i had a floor outlet moved? well, that electrician left me with a hole in the wood floor! at first i thought we could have it patched but the wood floor guy said no can do unless we refinish the whole floor and i'm not ready to tackle that project anytime soon with 2 cats, 4 dogs and 3 people living in this house!

so i've kept a stupid bath room rug over the hole so that one of the critters wouldn't catch a leg in it while having their daily activities...

this was on tap to be fixed too!

yippee!!!! it was all accomplished in one afternoon! i love these guys...i've used them 4 times now, between home and office and they never let me down!

thursday, kiroman brought home this sweet amp with ipod dock and some kick ass speakers to put in the great room. my suggestion was to add a tv on the wall...we were never going to do this but what the heck!

so friday night we bought this really cool tv to hang on the has the internet! i can blog on my tv! i can facebook on my tv!

so this next thursday, dishnetwork will be here to add us some satellite! and then i will be calling my friendly electrician to have them add an outlet behind the tv so we can get rid of the ugly cord situation plus fix 3 outlets outside that decided to quit working once it started snowing friday night!

i'm really excited about getting these things done! but this week i will be on the hunt for the perfect table to put under the tv...we are improvising right now [and you can tell].

and now for the other exciting albeit sad news:

the hummer is no more.

after a heart wrenching debate with myself, i decided it was time to move on. i was scared though. the hummer has a million miles on it and i just knew there was no way the dealer would buy me out on it. and that's the only way i was going to trade.

so this morning, i bit the bullet and went in while kiroman was at work. i looked at the vehicle. drove it. fell in love with it. had them look at the hummer and bid out the trade.

i about fell outta my chair when the sales guy told me there were going to buy me out [plus a bit] and my payment would actually go down some and no money outta my pocket! woohoo for me!

so i filed the numbers away, told sales guy that i needed to talk to kiroman first.

went home and filled kiroman in on the details. he called sales guy back and the deal was done. i cleaned out the hummer and went back to sign papers and was on my way with my new grand cherokee limited with so many bells, whistles and toys that i can't even attempt to name them all!

and that concludes my post for the evening!

i am grateful:

  • for a husband that let's me pick out the car of dreams [within reason since he totally ixnayed the gull wing mercedes]
  • the repairs needed at the house are getting done
  • for our new media center in the great room
  • a scenic cheerleader and mike hachtel won the 2 year old western pleasure at the apha world show today...since we own the mare!!!! a huge shout out to zippos darling!!! she is a rockin baby maker
  • the snow melted quite quickly today!

project life is on track

just breathing isn't living!


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