we went to a fight and a

a day in the life

✔ make sure teen ager is up and getting ready for school

✔ let puppies out to potty

✔ realize that sister had a smelly accident in her kennel

✔ clean smelly accident in kennel

✔ feed first half of critters

✔ talk with kiroman

✔ feed second half of critters

✔ shower, dress, prepare myself for the rest of the day

✔ make the bed, pick up clothes

✔ print notes, cut notes for teen ager

✔ 1 hour phone convo to prepare ourselves for our financial future

✔ race off to the city to grab lunch for teenager, get chocolate for teen ager and deliver notes to teenager

✔ back home to smell that sister had another accident in her kennel. this requires sister getting a bath

✔ grab pick up and head back to the city to get shavings and grain for ponies

✔ back home to let sister out

✔ pick up kiroman's car and head to detail shop

✔ watch 1.5 episodes of true blood until friend walks into same detail shop

✔ chat with friend until both our cars are done and they want to kick us out

✔ decide against any more errands for the day so head home

✔ unload shavings and grain

✔ bring up garbage can from the curb [ which is miles from the actual house ]

✔ drag hay into the barn

✔ feed ponies and doggies

✔ pick up mail

✔ let puppies out and feed them dinner

✔ make dinner for myself

✔ clean kitchen

✔ wash smelly kennel towels

✔ watch medium

✔ finish christmas decorating

✔ talk to teen ager

✔ go over finals schedule with teen ager

✔ talk to kiroman

✔ check email

✔ check facebook

✔ spend quality time with book work

✔ go.to.bed


and THAT was my friday :)

i am grateful:

  • for spending some unexpected time with a friend
  • there are people who will clean and wax a car for me
  • for movies on the ipad to keep me occupied
  • for chocolate covered cherries
  • for the timers on the christmas decorations

just breathing isn't living!


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edited to add the following:

✔ answer phone as i am cooking dinner

✔ teen ager has been rear ended by a non-paying attention senior citizen. whom did not even attempt to stop when said teen ager and friend were at a complete stop.

✔ shut off dinner and drive to the city to assess damages

✔ teen agers are relatively ok. both are very sore. teen ager's truck? smashed and exhaust sounds funny.

✔ switch cars with teen ager and head back home

✔ fill kiroman in on the accident events

✔ call my bodyman brother

✔ talk with dr genius to get teen ager taken care of tomorrow while kiroman is away

✔ smell that sister has had yet one more smelly accident in her kennel. my entire house smells like poop right now

✔ finally make dinner

✔ maybe get medium watched

✔ let puppies out to potty and then

✔ go.to.bed