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a day in the life

it just dawned on me that i have done relatively nothing to chronicle teen ager's senior year of high school.

i'm not sure why.

maybe i'm in complete and utter denial that she will soon be leaving our cozy little nest.

maybe. just maybe.

most likely, that's it.

and then last night i decided that i needed to get some of this experience down on paper.

so this post is the start of catching myself up on her senior year.

i used to think i was a scrapbooker. i had all the right tools. i had the latest and greatest in products. but there it sat. unused mostly. unless she needed something for a school project. so i gave it all away and thought digital was the way to go.

still yet, i'm not really a scrapbooker. i do a page here and there but nothing consistent. never chronological. and maybe only one page per event.

any way..that was a huge left turn.

since i'm not really a scrapbooker, i figured the next best thing is to put it on my blog.

senior year started august 19th with book buying and id photo day. senior year ends may 22 2011 at 2pm = graduation.

this is what happens in between.

really, not much has happened up to this point. just regular school stuff. just regular girl drama. just regular boy drama.

until i am completely up to date, you may see these posts be a little incongruent in the dates but you get the idea.

the most recent activity is that teen ager and i visited south dakota state university last friday.

kiroman was unable to travel with us as thursday was an epoc night [we boogied outta here thursday night since our morning was to start at 9am] and then he was off to ultimate achiever's club in newark, new jersey for the weekend.

anywho...when we got to brookings thursday night, we checked into our room and took a quick tour of the town to get our bearings, see where the student union was located and headed back to our room.

where, upon awakening friday morning, we found several inches of snow on the ground and it was still falling...and i was without a scraper in my car!

we ha da quick breakfast and headed to the student union. we had a general meeting then split into two groups - prospective students and parents. then back together for either lunch or a campus tour. teen ager opted for the tour first. she was anxious to check out the rest of the campus.

we had a great tour guide. i think his name was ben and he was from winner, sd. the walking tour was just over an hour long and we saw the library, the rest of the student union, the wellness center that houses the gym and whatever health need you may need...however, a chiropractor on campus was not mentioned :(

then we had a bit to wait until meeting with the equestrian coach. so...off to the book store we went and teen ager stocked up on some jackrabbit gear.

the coach was awesome and spent quite a bit of time with us. at this point, she is waiting for the acceptance letter from sdsu before she can move forward there.

teen ager really liked the campus but isn't totally sold on going 3 hours away from home for college.

at this point, her options are open and maybe she will stay here in the city and live with mom and dad.

whatever she decides, she knows that we are in full support of her decision.

i am grateful:

  • for the safe traveling of my family
  • for the decent weather we are having today [and tomorrow]
  • i like my new car as much as i do
  • for drive through car washes with a nice hand dry
  • for the ability to burn pictures onto a dvd to send off to a friend

just breathing isn't living!


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