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we went to a fight and a

hockey game broke out.

lame. i know. but it about sums up the lancer vs stars game tonight.

i don't know much about the rules of hockey. but i'm learning. i had to google icing tonight. it was used several times and i had no freaking idea what it meant. i kinda do now. something about sending the puck across 3 redlines without anyone touching it or something like that.

the important thing is: i know the song to sing when the lancers score. i know when to bang the glass during the song, too.

shhhhh...but i'm really getting into this hockey thing! i love going to the games. i love the fact that we are right on the glass. where the action is. i love that we are right next to the lancer bench. however, i don't love the way they smell come third period! i love when they get checked right in front of us. i love the smack of that puck when it hits the wall. i love the chicken. i love the little boy behind us that chants let's go, lancers! i love the cotton candy. i love the traditions they have going. i love that the lancers started the same we were married...25 years strong.

and santa was there tonight!



and during the 'period breaks' - i have no idea what they are called - the chicken does some serious entertaining. he dances to ymca, he throws a football around, he slides around the ice on a four wheeler, he throws out lancer tshirts and then throws ice at the spectators. well, tonight, chicken slid by us on the 4 wheeler and gave me his little chicken eye so i gave it right back. then he came back and drove straight at me. i just egged him on and pointed to the last tshirt and pointed back to myself. he drove around a bit, came back and started dancing so i did the only thing i knew to do. i stood up and danced for him. so he tossed the tshirt over to me and blew me a kiss as i blew him a kiss. well, i think it's a him anyway! and so i got a humongous lancer tshirt! but it was all in fun and fun it was. kiroman told me 'winner, winner, chicken dinner!' and i laughed because a chicken gave it to me plus i had a chicken dinner tonight!!! hahaha!

then there was some action on the ice! holy cow. i've only been to 5 hockey games my entire life but i've never been to one as physical as this one. there was always someone in the penalty box and usually #25 from the other team! and then all of a sudden, i saw gloves and helmets and sticks flying everywhere and two guys started going at it. punching, shoving, pulling. the crowd going crazy, egging them on. and then with 25 seconds left, another fight broke out between #25 from their team and #1 - the goalie from our team - right in the goal net! #25 was sent to the penalty box for 4 minutes plus 10 minutes for poor conduct blah blah blah. so here's my question: there is only 25 seconds left and he has 14 minutes of penalty time, so does that mean he has to sit in the box after the game is over?

hahahaha...just kidding...i watched, they let him out when the game was over.

i'm liking this hockey thing!

i am grateful:

  • kiroman decided to get lancer season tickets this year!
  • teen ager was accepted to sdsu - post coming on that one
  • teen ager and friends wanted to come to our house for dinner before christmas dance last night - post coming
  • sister is really getting the hang of going potty outside!
  • finals are over for teen ager!

just breathing isn't living!


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