today was full of experiences...
valentine's day *sigh*

confucius say:

i know, he said a lot of things but i'm talking about this one:

it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop

this one stuck a chord today. well, it probably strikes a chord most every day in my life.

sometimes i feel like my plate isn't just full, it's over flowing. and most times the way i handle an over full plate is to just not do anything. procrastinate everything on my THINGS list.

some days i feel like i am totally drowning and overwhelmed with all i have to do, need to do and should do.

there are days in which i spend the majority of time putting out fires like, cleaning up pet puke, pet poop, pet pee, cleaning the dinner dishes from the previous night, re-washing that stupid load of laundry that has been sitting in the washer for the last three days - is there enough soap to get THAT smell out? - filling up a car that rides on E, picking up the mail, setting out the dry cleaning, stopping at the bank, post office and grocery store, dropping off and picking up teenager from school, shuttling her to chiropractic appointments, checking up on the homework sitch, and somewhere in there i'd like to take a shower and have at least 5 for me.

kiroman and i are doing a financial freedom class. i have calls on a regular basis with lots of people...thank goodness they are all scheduled into my calendar! anyways, during one of these calls, i was really feeling behind on the information we need to provide them when i was reminded that any forward progress is good progress. we aren't able to get everything done right now because life has a way of stepping in and making us aware that we aren't always masters of our own destiny - at least for that moment in time [i truly believe we are masters of our own destiny in the long run] - but as long as we are moving forward, we are doing ok!

some days have faster progress than others but i am totally committed to continue moving forward and not stopping along the way. if i get one thing taken care of, then i have at least done something, right?

i can't even admit to you how many items are on my THINGS list for today/'s time to re-evaluate what is on that list and trim it down into bite size pieces!

i am grateful:

  • the barn hydrant finally thawed out and we no longer are carrying 5 gallon buckets of water from the house
  • for a comfy bed
  • for a relaxed sunday
  • for comfort food
  • to have weeded out my inbox!

just breathing isn't living!


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