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deborah tannen said...

each person's life is lived as a series of conversations

now i will ask you what kind of conversations do you have...

  • with your self
  • with your children
  • with your parents
  • with your friends
  • with strangers
  • with acquaintances
  • with employees
  • with employers
  • with your pets
  • with your car
  • with electronics

you get my drift

we talk all day long. whether it's out loud or in our head. there is constant conversation going on but you really listen to what is being said?

i'll be the first to admit that i didn't always listen to what i said. i'm working at it. i'm aware this is something i need to pay more attention to.

and not just to what i say to others but what i say to myself. one of the most important activities we can engage in would be positive self talk. truly starting your day with a positive affirmation will most definitely change the whole tone of your day. i have some work to do but i'm willing to put the effort in.

if you know me well, you know sarcasm lives comfortably within my repertoire. so when reflecting upon my conversations, i find that i will need to cut this part out. honestly, this is going to be hard for me. i know i won't be able to go at it 'cold turkey' but i plan on working on this. i'm looking at becoming a kinder, gentler trophy wife in twenty eleven. i'm making no hard promises here, just something i'd like to work towards.

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

hmmm...i admit to falling of the wagon HUGELY this last week. i spent the first part of week feeling like crap. then teenager felt like crap. then we had two snow days in a row. then we headed out of town and i didn't take and then i spent the weekend playing catch up and neither of my cameras have seen the light of day. i'm bummed. there were so great photo ops this week with the snow, with being out of town, with having dinner with a great friend last night with the super bowl being today. but honestly, i just didn't feel like it. tomorrow. tomorrow, i will get the camera out and jump back on the wagon. i am putting getting a photo of me with my white box of goodness at the top of my list tomorrow. i am putting getting my photos ready to print at the top of my list also. i am putting printing those photos at the top of my list. i am putting getting my album together and ready to receive those printed photos at the top of my list.

along with everything else that i have on my list to do for monday. along with the vet appointment for a dog that cannot sleep through the night. along with the conerence call. along with faxing more forms. along with getting book work done. along with answering emails. along with getting a gateway set up for the office. along with taking care of those that live under this roof. along with making an appointment with personal trainer. along with everything else that i need to do on a regular and daily basis.

and that, my friends, will be my experience for monday. and honestly, i'm looking forward to marking some of those things off my THINGS list!

i am grateful:

  • teen ager chose to have dinner with us and our dear friend last night
  • for watching the super bowl with kiroman today
  • for a very long and hot shower today
  • for finally feeling human again
  • for routines

just breathing isn't living!


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