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the government is blaming toys in fast food kid meals for the obesity problem we are seeing in our children??


it's not the toys that make the kids fat.

and really, it's not even the fast food that's making the kids fat.

[i'm not a fan of fast food. i know it's not good for you. i know you shouldn't eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i know most of it is made up of fillers and by-products. i know it's just plain gross]

but seriously, that is not what makes our kids fat. that's not what is creating diabetes in children. that's not creating other diseases in our children.

if you want to lay blame, i have a few other places to put it:

  1. parents. yes, i said parents. there once was a day when mom made meals at home. mcdonalds hadn't been heard of. parents are busy today. and then the kids are over scheduled into sports lessons, voice lessons, instrument lessons, tutors, you name it. kids have very little down time any more. every waking moment is scheduled with something. and if that isn't the case, they are sitting for hours upon hours in front of the television or computer or gaming device, waiting for mom and dad to get home from work. when was the last time you actually saw kids playing outside? [ i know, in many neighborhoods, it's not even safe for kids to do that anymore without fear of them being abducted ] parents, wake up! quality time with your kids is not time spent eating fast food in the car, rushing from one activity to another! [ please understand that i know it happens and i'm ok with that. once in awhile is not a problem. it's when it becomes the norm, the routine, that i feel it's a problem ] parents do have the power and control to say NO to fast food. kids aren't begging for these meals because of the stupid toy inside! parents are the ones begging for these meals to ease their own burden. the toy? it's a bribe bonus for the parent to use on the kids! the fast food joint is not using the toy to lure kids into whining for their meals! we need to get this straight and put it in perspective! as far as i know, the kids aren't driving the car to the drivethrough. i'm pretty sure it's mom and dad. if parents truly didn't want to feed their kids those types of fillers, they would drive right on by, go home and make a great home made meal! but they don't. they stop at those places on the way home, let the kids eat in their car seats because it frees up time for their evening...for facebook, blogging, tv time and probably even gaming! really?
  2. i'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one. i'm going to give you a few links to check out and decide for yourself. but i believe the over vaccination of our children is tremendously lending to obesity and childhood diseases.
  • http://vaccinationdangers.wordpress.com/
  • http://www.nvic.org/
  • http://drtenpenny.com/default.aspx

all i can say about that is: feeding all those toxins into those small little bodies, thinking there is no adverse or long term side affects is sad.

i just heard a dermatologist on tv say that we don't need sun light to synthesize vitamin D...that there are plenty of good PILLS out there and they are just as good or better than actually getting vitamin D naturally! is she crazy? nothing processed or synthesized is better than whole and natural. I just couldn't even believe she said it! her whole thing was skin cancer. but then i must ask this? what happens when you slather on the sunscreen and then go out into the sun and let it bake those chemicals into the biggest organ of your body? are you serious, lady? the sad thing is, she was.

anyway, this post was originally here to say: the government has it all backwards over who is whining for the fast food kid meals. the parents do have the control to say no. a toy or no toy is not going to change how many kids meals are sold on a daily basis. kids are over scheduled. parents are over scheduled. we have lost the art of enjoying a family dinner. we have lost the importance of a family dinner.

personally, i love our family dinners. and honestly, it's not that often that they don't happen. at least during the week. remember, we have a teenager and her fri and sat nights are saved for her peeps. but during the week, we eat at the dinner table. together. we have conversation. and a home made meal - most of the time - sometimes pizza slides in there though.

i guess what i'm asking you, is give it some thought. don't just buy into what the government is telling you because it's not about the toy. and truly, if they can tell fast food how to operate their business, it won't be long before they are telling you how to operate yours or the company you work for and if you think that won't affect the bottom line some where, some how, you are mistaken.

it's time to take responsibility for yourself and your children. you know eating in the drive through every night is wrong, so do something about it TODAY.

i double dog dare you

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  • for a husband that shovels and moves all the snow even when it's frigid out there!
  • the ice magically disappeared from our driveway overnight
  • i am not afraid to handle an axe and can keep the air flow going for the fish in the pond
  • for no school today
  • the sun is shining today

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