valentine's day *sigh*

the workout continues

so wednesday was like workout #3, i think. there is probably one more in there somewhere but how can you count it when you have one workout, skip almost a week and then start back up? It’s kinda like all the pain experienced in that very first work out was all for naught because it happened again after the short break.

anyhooooo…monday’s workout was pretty tough i’m not gonna lie about it. i had muscles screaming that never even raised their hand before. i mean, hip flexors? did you know you even have such things?  ya, i didn’t either until about 1:30 tuesday afternoon. they didn’t just raise their hand, they were hurling some mighty fine spit balls in my face! i mean, i couldn’t hardly squat down and stand back up! holy cow!

and then came wednesday, the next scheduled work out day. i wasn’t even recovered from monday and seriously gave thought to cancelling. but then i would be right back where i was this past saturday when i had to grab kiroman in order to walk down the ramp after the hockey game. really. i’m not kidding…when that forward motion hit me, there was no stoppin’. i felt like that nickelback song: no chains, no lock and this train won’t stop. dude, it was bad.

so i decided that skipping this workout in order to get over my soreness was not a good idea and headed for the gym, albeit it was with grim determination.

the workout yesterday was good. challenging but good. teenager was with me and the trainer gave her a run for her money too!

gyms are funny places though. here i am, sweating like a pig [which I hate to do] and every time i look up, i end up making eye contact with this 80+ year old man on the treadmill and he is always staring at me with this goofy smirk on his face. i’m guessing his vantage point of my squats were amusing to him. but it totally creeped me out.

today i’m not quite so sore and i know that in time, all this stupid soreness will be a thing of the past. And I know it will be worth it come swim suit weather. and the gun show? well, it’s well on it’s way to being perfected.

the only piece of advice i have: don’t quit. because starting  again just plain sucks. and you know what? it sucks to suck.


i am grateful:

  • teenager will work out with me
  • our personal trainer has a great sense of humor
  • our personal trainer will listen to me whine and not hold it against me
  • for a good support bra – tmi, I know, but it’s so important to gals!
  • my hip flexors are learning to keep quiet

just breathing isn't living!


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