back at it...
confucius say:

today was full of experiences...

actually today started off last night.

as the evening went on, every major and minor muscle group in my body started screaming, spasming and then i whimpered like a whipped puppy.

and went to bed.

only to wake myself as i moaned as i rolled over and applied pressure to a new area.


i woke myself 3 different times through the night. i guess that means no more whining about kiroman's snoring, right?

and dreams galore. and not one of them good. i can only remember one. and it was horrible. ever hear of a dead cat continuing to purr? ya, me either. until last night.


the shower this morning felt pretty good pouring over my aching muscles. but i found that if i sat too long and then tried to move, it was intense pain. everywhere.

i am usually the one walking so dang fast that teenager and kiroman have a hard time keeping up. not anymore. i'm the one lagging behind. the one unable to keep up with the crowd. the one in dire straits of becoming that last wildebeest in the herd that is taken down by the hyena pack.

and then put high heels on top of that. there were times today that the forward momentum got the best of me and i had to grab the nearest person to stop me! luckily that person was kiroman! whew.

so back to the experiences...

i experienced lots of post work out muscle trauma pain today. unfortunately, i already know and understand that tomorrow will most likely be more painful than today.

kiroman and i hit the lancer hockey game this afternoon. they played the tri city storm. they, being the collective lancer team, kicked their collective butt! have i told you how i love this game? how i am already plotting and planning my, i mean, their off season? it's a good thing i have boating and a huge horse show to take up most of my summer. i am going to miss my lancers. seriously.

so,i am wondering if it means that i am becoming a pretty serious of this game if the incessant screaming of the girls in the row behind me began to seriously irritate me. that they bragged about getting down as close to the ice as possible so they could be by all the action and couldn't wait for a fight...but then they paid zero attention to the game. they drank beer. they spilled beer. and their conversation became increasingly louder in correlation to the amount of beer they were drinking. so annoying.

another experience: the couple sitting to my right. definitely virgins at sitting on the glass. how could i tell? they placed their open cups of beer on the ledge of the glass. guess what happened the first time the guys checked against the glass? if you guessed flying beer then you would be correct! and then i had to watch her make her husband smell her clothes the rest of the game. seriously. annoying again. when everyone else sitting in that same row had their drinks on the floor...duh is all i can say. that and the fact that their flying beer landed on my legs and my purse. goodness. pay attention, folks.

the next stop on this adventure was the theater. which is quite the feat. we rarely go to movies. i have not stepped inside this particular theater since we took teenager to see Bug's Life eons ago! just go with it. it was a really cute movie. and now i have added devlin to my repertoire of synonyms and acronyms for shit. and i like it.

sugar honey iced tea and devlin. awesome!

bless your heart.

now this post is starting to sound like a country music song.

next stop on this crazy train was texas roadhouse. not bad. started off with a really loud table of customers that didn't leave soon enough for my taste and then the mom and dad that were feeding their very young baby soda through a straw whenever it cried. but mind you, said baby was not in a carrier but propped up in a very unusual position in a high chair! we're talking not even a few months old here! this was quite an experience for me. it took all i had to not lose it to these people! that poor baby was all crunched over. no wonder he was crying. and then soothing him with sips of soda...probably diet soda at that! just made my skin crawl.

and after that, it was time to call our date afternoon/night done.

and then i waited up for teenager to get home from work so she could fill me in on her evening.

something great is going to happen tomorrow. i can't wait to see what it is!

i am grateful:

  • for the time spent with teenager this morning
  • for the time spent with kiroman this afternoon and evening
  • lil sister is done being in heat finally
  • kiroman purchased the lancer tickets
  • for my family

just breathing isn't living!


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