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the workout continues

valentine's day *sigh*

i've come to the conclusion there are several sides to valentine's day.

there is the side for lover's. this makes valentine's day great. especially when you have someone that tells you they love you. someone that brings you flowers. someone that gives you a card. someone that gives you diamonds. someone to share a quiet dinner.

then there is the side that is just sad. this is experienced by those without a significant other. no boyfriend. no girlfriend. no one sends flowers, chocolate, cards or diamonds. these poor folks are reminded how lonely they are. for some of these poor souls, valentine's day is severely depressing. i've heard some of the comments from this group. and i feel bad for them. real bad. no one should have a holiday make them feel so useless, helpless and alone. that makes me sad.

then there is the group that has no significant other but they hang out in groups. and commiserate on what losers they are for not having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

i don't remember a time in my life in which i put much stock in valentine's day. i prefer to tell kiroman every single day how much i love him and how much he means to me. i certainly don't do it once a year! and i certainly don't need the prop and fluff myself.

now, don't get me wrong...should kiroman bring me home some flowers, i'd be just fine with that. but...but...should he not bring me home flowers, i'm fine with it. i'm not going to go postal over it! i know he loves me and bringing me home flowers doesn't prove his love in any shape, manner or form. it's the things he does for me and our family on a daily basis that melts my heart.

i've seen quite a few statuses on facebook today. some wishing everyone a happy valentine's day. some wishing their husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend a happy valentine's day. some stating what a horrible day this has been and they can't wait for the night to be over.

wow. the pressure this holiday puts on people is unreal. it borders on politically incorrect, dontcha think?

i know...i know...the chocolate companies, card companies, flower companies, the jewelry stores, lingerie stores, etc...all look forward to this day almost as much as they do christmas!

i think nora walker [brothers & sisters] said it best last night: if this were a real holiday, the post office would be closed!

but i would be remiss in not stating that i was wildly surprised tonight when kiroman walked in with a dozen roses in hand for moi! i'm not above telling you that it was pretty cool and i loved it. but if he hadn't? i'd still love him as much as i did when he walked out the door this morning, no lie.

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins 

is right on track. i did peruse my photos taken so far this year and i did see where i missed some days in early feb. but now that i have the pics all organized for so far this year, i know i need to keep that camera at the ready and just snap away! now i just need to get the album put together and ready and print those pics! i know, you've heard that one before, haven't you? just know that i am working on it and it doesn't matter how slowly i'm going as long as i don't stop!!!!

i am grateful:

  • for a great workout with teenager this afternoon
  • kiroman brought home flowers for moi
  • to be able to look at valentine's day as 'just another day'
  • for the auto tailgate on the jeep
  • the ice has melted off the driveway

just breathing isn't living!


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