night time escapades

pedestrian, parking lot and moving vehicle

who has the right of way?

let's just say that i found out the hard way today.

i was the pedestrian.

the pedestrian that had to jump three steps out of the way of a moving vehicle.

so i wouldn't get run over.

because the driver of said vehicle was on her mobile, non hands-free device.

luckily, i was aware of my surroundings while crossing the parking lot.

i saw the driver start to back out while on her cell phone. i also noticed that she did not look behind her one single time before backing out of the parking stall and turned towards me and GUNNED it.

almost like some spy type movie in which the bad guys are after Tom Cruise and are trying to run him down in the parking lot.


so i jumped about three steps to safety and kinda held my hands up and out in a manner that suggested to the driver:

at which point the driver flipped me off! and then drove away!

i am not kidding!

so i did what any self respecting, traumatized citizen would do.

i ran after her!

yes i did! i ran across the parking lot and caught up with her as she was stopped waiting for traffic.

my knuckles on my left hand still hurt from banging on her window. i did! i was banging hard enough that i actually saw my hand turn into a hammer and was hoping to bust her window out.

now, this isn't just because she tried to mow me down in a parking lot but what if i had been a child, wandering from a parent? a child that would not have had the reflexes to get out of the way. a child that had no idea what type of danger he was facing. but i also did it because she tried to mow me down and then flipped me off because she was in the wrong.

so while i was banging away at her window, she was still talking on her phone but reached over and turned her radio up! and then screeched out into traffic.

i was so dumbfounded that i just stood there and stared and watched her. she drove about 200 feet and came to a complete and total stop in the middle of a very busy street. i don't know if she thought i was some type of abandoned dog that was going to continue chasing the car that just dumped them or what.

but there was no way i was going to chase her down the middle of that busy street. i did stand there long enough until she finally drove away.

i am really bummed that i was so distraught over this whole ordeal that i did not think for one moment to get a plate number.

but the cool thing? the parking lot she came out of? ya, it's mostly repeat parkers. i will see her and her vehicle again. and i will get a plate number. and i will remind her that she is parking in a very busy parking lot and that pedestrians truly have the right away, whether she is on the phone or not. and next time she doesn't pay attention, someone may pay the price.

and i sure as hell do not want to see that happen.

i am grateful:

  • for such a dedicated husband
  • teen ager did what had to been done today
  • for an extra hour of daylight
  • for catching two lancer games this weekend
  • for not being mowed down today

just breathing isn't living!



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