3 days 1 post catch up

sorry about the other night.

i had a horrible headache. and i did it to myself. and i know exactly what i did and how it all happened.

it happened here:

Lifetime doing some leg rolling the ball thing. they've never bothered me before...lay on my back with my feet on the silver ball and roll it in and lift my hips. no big deal. until this day [which was friday]. and trainer decided we needed to do these one leg at a time. and for some stupid and illogical reason, i strained my neck while doing it. note to self: either pay attention to my neck more closely next time or just continue with both legs rather than one!

but folks, after this:

Adjusted i felt so much better. one of the perks of being married to a man that can bring his work home with him. and you will notice that cujo did not want to miss out on any of the action! silly dog.

so, let's get back on the timeline here.

thursday...what happened thursday? here's what happened thursday...teenager did not have school. kiroman had an early morning work out and then coaching. i conducted interviews during the morning. at the office. for a new front desk chiropractic assistant.

after we were all done with our morning activities, we headed to the city to take care of a few things.

first, we needed to stop by here:

Sprint kiroman's coaching phone is a sprint phone. there was a problem with the phone's hot spot connectivity so we had to drop it off and have them reset the software and whatever else they do when your phone is not working properly.

L at sprint while kiroman was explaining the issue with the phone, we were doing this:

B at sprint teenager is texting to pass the time and then this:

B posing at sprint see the guy behind the glass? the one where the glass bar runs through the middle of his face? teenager wanted her picture taken with him in the background. something about liking his facial hair but i'm not sure you can even really see it.

next, we headed to the mall. i needed to get my cheaters re-adjusted because they kept falling down my nose and driving me crazy. apparently, placing  your glasses on top of your head is really really bad for them! kiroman also wanted to check for some yankee stuff for a dear friend that is fighting the battle of his life right now. teenager then announces she is starving so we head to the food court and:

Arbys french dips are my fave sandwich. curly fries? i only tolerate. i really miss the homestyle fries :(

after eating...we headed to the life care center to visit kiroman's friend. he had just been transported from Madonna in lincoln to this facility. it was so hard to be there. lots of memories come flooding back but...some how and i have no idea how, i was able to push my memories back and away. i just focus on the actual situation without re-living when my dad was ill.

after our visit with gene and his wife, he headed back to sprint to pick up the phone and then headed home to this:

Doves a pair of doves that live at our house. they were hanging out on the front walk, next to the pond. they were so cute grooming each other and just BEing.

Receipts and at the end of the day of errands, this is the nonsense that collects in my purse!

so let's take a look at friday, shall we?

Flowers i look forward to these little babies blooming every year. they are in the strangest place...in this little gravel area next to our driveway. kiroman and i argued our first year here on whether or not they were weeds. even if they are weeds, i like them :)

Gas i had the pleasure of doing this today, too!!!

Pool but the good news today is this...the pool opened!! that's gotta mean that summer is on its way!! finally!

now it's time to catch up to saturday:

Chester meet chester. meet chester's chin. meet my wishful thinking that the paint rule changes would be in our favor. but it's not in the cards. it was worth a try!

the following photo montage is going to chronicle how i eat my peeps:

Peep 1
Peep 2
Peep 4
Peep 5
Peep 6
Peep 7
Peep 8
and now, folks, i think you are properly caught up on the last few days and we are back on our regularly scheduled programming!

i am grateful:

  • for a fabulous husband
  • the interviewing process is going very well
  • for the time we get to spend with gene and joyce
  • the pool opened with no issues
  • an awesome daughter

just breathing isn't living!


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