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and so it goes...

yep...it was definitely a monday.

usually i don't mind mondays. i don't really have a favorite day of the week nor do i have a least favorite day of the week. to me, each day serves a purpose. each day has a reason. and each day means something different for me.

but this monday definitely fit the typical monday mold.

but my monday actually starts after i went to bed sunday night.

as you already know, kiroman hits the sheets way before i do on most nights. he gets up before the crack of dawn. i do not. unless we are going on an exciting trip out of our city and to some place really cool.

this was no different on sunday. nothing was out of the ordinary until after i went to bed.

that's when i noticed that kiroman was getting up about every 15 or 20 minutes and heading to the bathroom. this is not a good sign. not at all. this carried on all through the night. kiroman was not feeling well at all.

i woke just about every time he got out of bed. i felt bad for him. i really did. this was not a good way to spend a night that one should be sleeping through.

then it was time for him to get up for the day. and he did. and he showered. and he dressed. and he got ready for work. but it was slow going. i knew it. he knew it. so i got up and asked how he was feeling. and he was not feeling well. probably even worse. but he hates to miss work. he hates to give in to not feeling well. he's a fighter for sure.

i tried to convince him to stay home but he was going to "try" to get to work but he was dizzy and light headed and freezing cold. i took his temp and it was 95*. seriously. his hands were freezing and his hands are NEVER cold let alone freezing.

i told him that if he insisted and going in, that i would drive him. i sure didn't need him having an accident on the way!

about 5 minutes later, we made the executive decision that he was going back to bed and i was going to the office to catch the early birds until matt could get there and take care of everyone.

so away we both went! once matt arrived at the office, i headed back home and went back to bed for about an hour or so.

then it was time for me to get going for the day. i needed to meet mr big mike at the flying j so that he could get chester picked up.

however, once i left the bedroom, i noticed the most disturbing smell. that smell only comes from sister. from sister when she is having intestinal issues which result in diarrhea in the kennel. this meant that she needed a quick dip in the tub and the kennel needed a once over. i didn't have time for this. i really didn't. but i got it done. and even got the other pups out too! thank goodness teenager didn't have school so i didn't have to worry about that!

the one thing that didn't get done was the barn. i figured i would be back home no later than 10:30am and the ponies could have breakfast just a tad bit late but they would forgive me!

i threw on my tennis shoes that i had worn sunday to mow and headed to the flying j.

after about 10 minutes in the car, i noticed another smell associated with dogs. this wasn't quiet as bad as diarrhea but still the same family.

yep...i thought i had cleaned all the dog poo off my shoes but apparently i missed A LOT. nice. NOT.

so once i reached the truck stop, i grabbed a rock in the parking lot and cleaned out the tread in my shoe the best i could and then ran to the bathroom and washed it the best i could in the sink. ya, gross, i know...but smelling dog poo in your car is no good either. i did rinse the sink out real nice when i was done though.

to make a long story short, all i am willing to say is that mr big mike and i met up a bit later than 9am. we dropped his truck and trailer off at the barn and ran into to grab a quick lunch at panera. then headed back to the barn and loaded chester up for his next great adventure. jeff had him all washed and clipped up...it was great! and i really appreciate that!

chester, i'm sure, was not so excited about this turn of events. he has enjoyed being a horse for the last 3.5 years! now it's back to work...i could hear him whinnying all the way out the drive!

i headed back home and fed horses brunch and they seemed to forgive me. and walked into the house and took a 2 hour nap! i know! i am not a napper unless i'm not feeling well. but i was tired. and i napped.

kiroman was still napping and teenager was napping and the dogs were napping. we were all napping.

kiroman was still not feeling so great so teenager and i headed to the life care center to visit gene and joyce. we didn't stay too long. but long enough to check in.

kiroman had some toast and a smoothie and i can't even remember what i had for dinner...probably snacked my way through. teenager met up with a friend in the city for subway. she was home early, i blogged and then called it a night. i knew i had to be up early tuesday.

i didn't even take one picture that was relevant to today. which is bad. i could have taken a picture at lunch but i chose to st enjoy the company.i could have taken a picture of chester getting on the trailer but it was raining and it was cold. i could have taken a picture of the poopy dog and her kennel but i didn't want to gross you out.

but i am going to share these with you:

IMG_0816 i love this dog

IMG_0816 she has a wicked long tongue

IMG_0816 she does the frog better than any dog i know!

IMG_0816 she's ripped. and i love her with all my heart.

i am grateful:

  • kiroman had the sense to stay home today
  • teenager wanted to go with me to see gene
  • for flexibility, as in scheduling and what not...not physical flexibility as in doing the splits
  • teenager enjoys working out with me
  • for my under armour work out pants

just breathing isn't living!


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