Oh lord
gordyville, usa

bates motel

so...teen ager has a horse show in Gifford, IL...gordyville usa. so once she arrives from school, we load the jeep and head out to kiss kiroman goodbye and hit the highway.

in the rain...


but then we saw cool windmill fields across iowa. actually, i thought they looked kinda creepy. i didn't like seeing all those windmills.


 this is what teenager does to pass the time while i slave away at the wheel...she rolls that seat back, grabs her pillow, her zebra blanket and phone. between texting her peeps, she snoozes. and i drive.

Windmills i'm not a big soda drinker but put me behind the wheel for any length of time and i become one. we topped at qt to fill up and i grabbed a 32 ouncer with straight pepsi. let's just say it got me through the next 6.5 hours!

after teenager is done napping and in between texting, she likes to doodle. or draw or whatever. so she has a list of requests and here you see you working on an ant with feet for jessie.


here is the ant in mid process. i need a pic of the finished thing...it turned out pretty cool!

after 8.5 hours of driving, we have now arrived at our destination. it's about midnight and we are ready to lay our heads on the pillow, pretty please. however, sleep was not going to come very easy this night. it took us well over an hour to get ourselves prepared enough to sleep. please prepare yourself for the photos that follow. if you have recently eaten, please come back after your stomach has settled. these pictures are not pretty. don't say i didn't warn you!

Windmills here is bed one. not too bad.

Windmills here is bed two. a strange room set up if i ever saw one. the beds look like someone just crawled out of them and pulled the covers up.


in this pic you can see how the curtain string is hanging awkwardly.


not sure how much you can see in the bathroom. but i will tell you that we put towels on the floor before we walked on it. and there was some kind of weird stain on the toilet seat. please don't sit down!

Windmills see that? it's on the kitchenette counter. it hasn't even been cleaned! i rubbed it with my towel this morning and it came off. gross...really?

Windmills and for gross! this is the ceiling in our closet! seriously!!! but wait for it...

Windmills this is also the ceiling in our closet. these must be water pipes because that is MOLD people. mold!

Windmillsteenager refuses to touch anything in this room and says this is how she is going to sleep.

Wall this is the wall. the whole wall is covered in these splashes of i don't know what! this is just a small sample.

Windmills ummm...ever hear of a fire hazard?

Windmills and this? this is the coup d'etat...teenager found this in her bed! yep. it's a bug. dead. but still. a bug. in her bed. she slept with me.

Windmills like this. so nothing would touch her.

Temp and it was 80* in our room. all night. the thermostat is just an accessory. it really doesn't do anything. just for looks. please do not attempt to adjust your temperature.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is all i have for now. isn't that enough?

i am grateful:

  • for our safe travels
  • teenager is so entertaining in the car
  • for 32 oz sodas
  • for the sunflower seeds that kept me awake as it got late
  • that even though we stayed in the bates motel, we didn't have to sleep in the car.

just breathing isn't living!


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