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i'd like to tell you that we started our easter sunday with a sunrise church service.

but that would be a lie.

it's been a long time since we sat in church on easter sunday.

not so much because we don't want to but more because we just haven't found a "church home".

we've looked. we've visited. we even went pretty steady to one in particular. and we really enjoyed it. we enjoyed the pastor. we enjoyed the messages he presented. we enjoyed the worship. we enjoyed the music. we did not entirely enjoy the congregation. once teenager changed schools, that church became uncomfortable for teenager. and so we quit.

we aren't normally quitters. seriously. but this time, we did. we quit. and we just haven't tried to replace it. i think because it's going to be hard to replace. we need to get at it and visit some potential "church homes" but i don't even know where to start.

i guess i will start asking friends for suggestions and go from there.

instead, this is how we spent our easter sunday:

kiroman was up earlier than me...cuz, well, he always is up earlier than me! i decided to crawl out of bed somewhere between 7:30 and 8. i really didn't see any reason to rush. there were no easter baskets waiting to be foraged. no meal to be created. no rush of family headed our way.

Rolls these were breakfast...yum-o and easy-o

after breakfast, we headed to the source to get it ready for cj mertz this week at epoc ne. spruce it up, stock up on paper towels, toilet paper and water. sweep, dust, take the garbage out. ya know, all the normal housekeeping duties. we also hung some pics...and they are awesome! i only took this one pic but will take a few more this thursday.

Source i am a total control freak. i like things hung on the wall the way i want them hung on the wall. i really appreciate that these were on the hung wall previously, but i couldn't handle it any longer. i hang everything with a measuring tape and level. these tools were not used previously. thank you to whomever did hang them but i can't apologize for re-organizing, creating my grid [with room to grow] and using my tools. each of these peeps have been speakers at the source. each photo is autographed, too. i just love the grid.

after we finished at the source, we headed back home. then we split chores. kiroman took the barn and i took the mower. he cleaned stalls and swept the barn and i mowed 3 acres with the tractor then tackled the backyard with the push mower. and that stunk. it hadn't been mowed yet this season and there is always this little patch that grows taller and thicker than the rest of the yard [and yes, i know that stunk and thicker are not grammatically correct but i like it] and it kept choking the mower. and i had to keep re-starting the mower. and the grass was so wet that it wouldn't go up into the bag and kept falling out back onto the lawn or choking the mower. so once the grass was cut, i had to go over it again to suck the clippings into the bag. it was like mowing twice. and that sucked. it made me angry. it made me frustrated. i wanted to throw it all over the fence and be done with it but i stuck to it and finished the job started. see? i'm not always a quitter.

while mowing, i noticed that our trees are budding...finally...

IMG_0820 i know, this tree isn't budding but i liked the bird's nest.

after getting our outside work done, we all headed off to visit gene and joyce at the life care center. we got a big wave when we walked in and that was nice to see. joyce is quite a lady. but then again...everyone i have ever known in this situation is quite the lady or quite the guy. honestly, it gets harder and harder to visit. i was going pretty good at keeping my personal emotions separate from their situation. but when i see gene agitated and find that they have given him the same drugs that affected my dad in the same manner?? well, it brings those memories right up front, close and personal. when i see that they give gene the same drugs that affected my dad the same exact way, i get mad. i get angry. i get agitated. what is the purpose of giving these drugs? to relax and help the person deal with their pain and anxiety? or increase? i can tell you, there are drugs out there that only increase the discomfort. and these educated doctors and nurses are smart enough to know this and do something different but they don't. i will say though, the nurses and aids and volunteers at this facility are pretty happy and friendly people.

then we came home and made easter dinner:

L grilling it was just the three of us. brother #1 had dinner with his in-laws, brother #2 had dinner with his in-laws at sho gun and brother #3 lives out of state. my mom was out of town, cleaning out her in-laws house, in order to get it ready to be sold. kiroman's brother lives out of state. his sister? ummm, we don't speak. his dad and stepmom? i think they go to her family but i'm not positive. his mom did invite us to their place for dinner but we chose to keep it on the down low this weekend. the last few and the next few weekends are going to be hit and miss for this family and we just wanted some time to just hang with ourselves. selfish?  maybe. did i enjoy it? immensely. last weekend, teenager and i were in gordyville...we left on friday after school...kiroman had left on wed to speak at dcs and got home late thurs afternoon. this week...he leaves friday morning for a cas seminar and will be home late sat night. next week, teenager and i leave for a horse show friday after school and will be home in the wee hours of the morning monday...just in time for teenager to go to school most likely! so anyways...we just wanted a quiet, low key weekend with no worries, no pressure, no showers unless we smelled :)

 b cujo sister teenager, sister and cujo

 b cujo sister teenager and sister

 b cujo sister sister and brother

 b cujo sister sister in the frog position

 b cujo sister me and my bubble. please. please, don't burst my bubble. on some days, it's all i have.

and so, kiroman headed to bed. teenager was with friends and i watched desperate housewives and brothers and sisters and then called it a night once teenager arrived at the ol' homestead.

and, that, folks, was our easter sunday...

i am grateful:

  • for my health and that of my family
  • simply apple - apple juice
  • for an easy weekend
  • for a cut lawn and clean stalls
  • my glasses stay put!

just breathing isn't living!


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