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friday of goodbyes

errands, airport, epoc...three days in one post

i'm gettin' pretty good at this: many days in one post thing. i'm really sorry but sometimes life steps in and does not allow the time or the energy for a blog post.

but i'm here to make up for it now!


so...we need to back up to tuesday, shall we?

here's the deal: kiroman is feeling better and will be going off to work this morning.

however, sister? not so much. she's actually getting worse. more diarrhea in the kennel. more diarrhea all over her, which translates into bath time.

to the point that i think she had a total of 4 or maybe 5 baths on tuesday. the house smells. she smells. and no amount of shampoo, spray and cleaning solution is going to make it go away.

Dirty dry cleaning tuesdays are amazing! it's when this ↑ [dirty laundry] becomes this ↓ [clean laundry]

Dirty dry cleaning and the only thing i had to do was throw it in a bag and put it on the porch. yahoo!!!

Dirty dry cleaning i stopped in to see kiroman at the office. these are the books on the counter in his adjusting room.

Dirty dry cleaningrush keeps me company from 11am - 2pm while i'm running errands :)

Dirty dry cleaning and i had to do this AGAIN...i'm happy to say that i really don't miss the mileage [or lack there of] of the hummer right now!

Dirty dry cleaning teenager and i stopped in at garden ridge. i saw this on their "as seen on tv" shelves. i'm thinking, why not just get adjusted? hmmmmmmm? anyways, we didn't buy that...but we did get some awesome picture frames...frames for pictures we haven't even taken yet but are planning to!

Dirty dry cleaning next stop: costco. teenager was on the hunt for the veggie snacks. and her friend got them here so that's where we went. then she spied with her little eye those sun chips! we have chips for days, maybe even weeks, but not even close to a month!

Dirty dry cleaning and remember when kiroman went to orange county and spoke at the dead chiropractic society clubhouse? well, the dvd came in the mail today! yeehaw...can't wait to find a few minutes this coming weekend to watch it with kiroman!

that concludes tuesday.



sister still suffers diarrhea. and it's not just your run of the mill diarrhea...this is explosive, shooting out her butt, spraying across the house, the yard, the kennel...where ever she may be when the moment hits her. she is absolutely miserable. she is sore. she won't sit on her bum. her little vajayjay [ya, even i can't believe that i just used a rosie o'donnelism] is all swollen and could be infected. it's just a mess. i finally break down and call the vet to get an appt for tomorrow. this has to stop. my house smells worse than a port-a-potty at a grateful dead concert in the middle of august. we've spent many minutes in the the point that she totally knows that she leaves her kennel, goes outside and then runs, does not walk, to the bath tub and is ready to rid herself of the stench.

Apple juice this is how every morning starts for me. a glass of simply apple apple juice and i read bethany's blog.i love her blog. i'm addicted to her blog. she's the reason you see all these crazy and mundane pics here on my own blog. i seriously love that she writes her blog that night and it publishes first thing in the for changes here...maybe...and if you haven't tried this apple juice, i seriously suggest that you do. it's awesome. it's just like eating an apple but it's juice that you are drinking. i just can't get enough of this stuff!

Apple juice here is kiroman and our new ca...for right now, we shall call her ca #2. she is totally new to chiropractic and in this pic, she is getting a crash course from kiroman. can you see the passion oozing from his pores? maybe i should have taken a close up here!

Apple juice my next stop was the airport to pick up dr cj mertz. he is our speaker thursday night for epoc nebraska. i have no idea who any of these people are but i wanted you to know that i was at the airport!

Apple juice after a run out to the life care center to visit gene [i know i haven't really posted about it here but we have visited him every single day since he was moved from lincoln.] we headed downtown to have dinner with coach cj at the upstream brewery

Apple juice i's a pretty dark and unpretty picture but here is teenager and coach cj

once home, it was only to put sister back in the tub and clean up her kennel. can't wait for her dr appt tomorrow


this day starts with no bath for sister! she made it through the night. we headed out early, before school, to see gene. it was going to be a crazy busy day and this was the only time that was going to work. kiroman had gone ahead of us to see a practice member at the office and was going to meet us at the care center. teenager and i headed that way about 6:15. teenager stayed a few minutes longer than she should have and was one minute late to school...and they count her tardy. unbelievable. gene is not doing well. he is tired. he is in pain. he is uncomfortable. we are sad.

Eliza in car this is sister in the back seat of the jeep...on her way to the vet. she's so cute!

Eliza in car while waiting to see if she was going to potty, i snapped this one

Eliza in car after running wild through out the vet office, she crashed on the cool tile floor. i'm sure it felt awesome on her little tummy.

Eliza in car ok, don't hate me. i saw this today and it made me laugh out loud. i think i may have even snorted all by myself in the car...the bumper sticker says: UNITED WE STAND except for liberal democrats. it just struck my funny bone.

Eliza in car teenager was not going to be able to make it to epoc after dinner so we grabbed a pic of her and coach cj before she headed out to help a friend get the senior faith project done.

Eliza in car here is coach cj lighting up epoc nebraska!

Eliza in car and here are our epoc brothers and sisters, sharing with each other. i love it. i love the sacredness of this 'club'

Eliza in car melissa and joel marley share their experience of team wlp with the rest of us.

Eliza in car coach cj and the kiroman

Eliza in car coach cj and the trophy wife

our epoc meeting was fabulous. it was standing room only! it was fantastic! there were new faces and i was so excited to have them. it was almost 11pm before every one skedaddled out of there and we dropped coach off at the hotel. great evening!

and that, folks, concludes the catch up post. whew! i don't think i missed anything. the only thing i could really add would be how many times i have wiped sister's butt, how many times i have cleaned her kennel, how many baths i have given her. or how i had a minny breakdown this afternoon. the good news is that we have some awesomely bland dog food for sister now. it's easier on her tummy and she should be feeling better very soon.

over and out.

i am grateful:

  • for the fellowship and friendship we were able to share with cj
  • for the fellowship of our epocers
  • sister can travel well in the car even when she feels horrible
  • for cj's's hard for daddy and hubby to travel a lot...i'm learning this
  • for no severe weather in our neck of the woods..but prayers to those suffering from all the tornadoes

just breathing isn't living!

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