errands, airport, epoc...three days in one post
i totally kicked it today

friday of goodbyes

some are temporary and some are permanent.

good byes that is.

kiroman left for the cas seminar in minneapolis. he will be back saturday night. that's a temporary good bye. he spoke several times today and i can't wait to hear how it all went!. seems like we just don't get enough time to chat when he is on the road like this. he is always busy. talking, mingling. doing his chiropractic thing. and i'm all good with it. i'm grateful we are able to touch base once in awhile through texting and then for a few minutes before he hits the sack.

L and Guy kiroman posted this on facebook. so i made him email it to me so i could use it on the ol' blog. the dude on the right is guy riekman. he is the president of life chiropractic college. he was one of the "other" speakers at cas this weekend!

after kiroman left, it was time for me to drag myself sorry self out of bed, throw on some sweats and a hat and head to the city to chauffeur coach cj mertz to the airport. so that is another temporary good bye.

then i got home just in time to wake teenager and take her to school. another temp good bye.

however, when i walked in the door...sister had had another diarrhea incident in her kennel. i ran her outside, in and out of the tub in less than 10 minutes. go me!!! THEN it was time to wake teen ager!

whew. now back home to feed all my critters. sister is on a special bland diet for the next 5 days. that means picking up the boys' bowls when they are done. these poor guys are used to having their food bowls full all the time. they are grazers and like to snack all through the day...but not when sister is on a strict diet!

chad the pool dude was here when i got home from dropping teenager at school. first, if you have an in-ground pool and are not using these guys...why not??? they are amazing. great guys and they do a fantastic job! we always have a great chat and i try really hard to not make them run late when they are here!

i finally got in the shower and got started for the errand part of my day. it seems like that's what the majority of my days have been lately. lots and lots of errands. but...i needed to stop by the accountants and take care of quarterly reports. then the jeep needed an oil change so i went ahead and treated ourselves to a little detailing too! it looks so good! i'm so glad it didn't get rained on yesterday!

Temp it finally warmed up around here. maybe it's a temp good bye to winter finally!!!

Vented seats see those two blue dots? that means because of the previous pic + black interior = vented seats! oh ya! i'm know, spoiled rotten but oh so cool! literally :)

after hitting the oil change/detail, i headed to famous footwear to get some new tennies. i only have one pair and made the mistake last week of wearing them when i mowed. they turned green and are nasty looking...besides the poop stains. i've been needing a new pair but always procrastinated on buying them because the old ones were still ok.

IMG_0832 i don't need anything fancy. i don't run. not even on the treadmill. i just needed something cool to wear to the gym! they passed teen ager's approval so i did good!

IMG_0828 i also stopped at target to pick up a variety of dog food, toilet paper, paper towels, method cleaning spray wipes. poor sister was running as fast as she could away from me when she saw i had another scratchy paper towel in my wipe her butt now, she doesn't run quite as fast. should have done this much sooner :( but we have them now.

after i finished my errands for the afternoon, it was time to pick up teen ager. she gets out early on fridays! how awesome is that!

we decided to head to the care center to visit gene before teen ager headed home to get ready to leave for the night. as we walked in, we met gene's sister, janet. she told us gene had passed at 2:20pm but that the family was still there and we could back and see them. teen ager had purchased a button at school that campus ministries was selling. it said HOPE in chinese on it. she gave it to joyce, who immediately pinned it on her shirt. our hearts go out to this great family. a great man was lost to us and he will be missed every single day. this was a more permanent good bye. a hard good bye. a very sad good bye.

Life care center rest in peace, gene. i truly believe you are in a much better place. i know you are reunited with lance. you are reunited with all your family and friends that have been waiting for you. i know you have found peace.

teen ager created this tribute to gene. hopefully it will play here. if not, click on GENE to go to the youtube link.

IMG_0831 this is what a sick bull dog does. she found a spot to crash and that's where she stayed for hours. poor girl. i hope she starts feeling better very soon!

i know it's the middle of the afternoon. i know it's a different kind of schedule. but i'm thinking of getting my posts done a little more timely than i have been. we hope is that i can get the post done before i go to bed and have it ready for you first thing the next morning! cheers!

i am grateful:

  • we were able to visit gene as often as we did
  • kiroman and friends arrived safely to minneapolis
  • for miniature reeses peanut butter cups
  • that not all good byes seem permanent 
  • to have the jeep cleaned up, oil changed and running smoothly!

just breathing isn't living!


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