bates motel
the dreaded drive home

gordyville, usa

that's where we spent our saturday...well...teenager and i did along with all the other horse show peeps that were there!

but first, we need a pic of the bate's motel...i mean the quarters inn and suites...

Photo 1 we were happy to be leaving. for good. not to ever return. seriously.  never.

Photo 2 our next order of business was procuring breakfast. even though it was almost 11am. teenager has never had the dining pleasure of dunkin donuts, so we stopped. we both had a donut and then teenager spied some sort of breakfast sandwich that had texas toast, bacon, cheese and a fake round egg. she said it was yuumy and i should have taken a pic...dang it...but i'm getting better at the whole picture thing...just wait and see!

Photo 3 and now we have arrived to our destination of the day! gordyville usa!!! woohoo!

Photo 4 these are teenager's new boots. she wanted them for the miranda lambert concert last week and i was good with that as long as she wore them again at some point in time. i think they are pretty snazzy myself!

Photo 5 years ago, teenager was probably a tween and wanted a custom pair of spurs with her name on them just like mike.

Photo 6 the neat thing about saddles with lots of silver? they are shiny. most of the time. the bad thing about saddles with lots of silver? they need to be cleaned at just about every single show! and once again, i should have taken a picture of that sparkling show saddle! dang it!

Photo 7 show hair. you saw the hair in the previous pic? that's how she went to the show but once it's time to get ready, the hair has to change! all into a pony tail and under the hat!

Photo 8 and then comes the horse show make up. it's kinda like prom make up. kinda like christmas dance make up. it's kinda like a lot of make up. who makes up these rules? guys have it easy!

Photo 9 now it's time for the ponytail part. this requires a lot of hair spray and a lot of teasing. and a lot of patience!

Photo 11 teenager is getting a little excited about the hair...must be the hair spray fumes!

Photo 12 almost show time!

Photo 13 the lucky bra. ya, don't ask cuz i don't know!

Photo 14 full blown horse show make up!

Photo 15 the end product of all the hair spray and teasing!! a nicely formed's crunchy too!

Photo 16 what a cute pair!

Photo 17 a great ride deserves a kiss!

Photo 18 smoochies!

Photo 20 cookie loves to have her ears scratched!

Photo 21 some well deserved hugs!

Photo 22

Photo 23 more smoochies...never enough, especially after a great day!

Photo 24

Photo 25

Photo 26 cookie knows the day is over and is really wanting her room service to arrive!

Photo 27

Photo 28 ok...saw this on the way TO gordyville and saw it again on the way FROM gordyville. i just couldn't pass up getting pic of farmer city, il...awesome!

Photo 29 at some point we were near normal, il...i'm not sure quite what to think of that!

teenager's class got over somewhere around 7:30pm but we stayed to watch the rest of the horses in our barn show. we're cool like that. team players and team supporters. all for one and one for all, right? but the time everyone was done and our barn called it a night, it was close to 9. teenager and i headed out. no way were going back to bate's hotel. anywhere had to be better than that rat hole! my goal was to reach the quad cities and call it a night and we did. and we stayed at the hampton inn and it was marvelous! and we slept so good. and we didn't want to get up. and we loved every minute we were there. thank you, hampton inn!


i am grateful:

  • teenager and cookie had a great day!
  • to never see the bate's motel ever again
  • for my donut and chocolate milk breakfast
  • the bugs didn't carry us away
  • for all the help from mike and seth!

just breathing isn't living!


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