Oh lord

it really did...

and i was so surprised! so shocked. who knew? certainly not i.

ok, yesterday was a crazy crazy day and i have a lot to we'll start at the beginning, shall we?

kiroman was heading to cali to speak at DCS. teen ager and i were totally bummed that we couldn't tag along this trip but her school schedule was not going to allow for her to miss two more days this semester...seriously! sometimes life experience trumps sitting in a classroom but what the hell do i know, right?

to save kiroman a little time at the airport, i got up at 4am to drive him to work. that way, i could pick him up from the office and take him to the airport later in the morning.

after dropping him off at the office, i went back home and crawled back into bed. it was just to be for 45 minutes but that bed was so comfy and the night was so short that it ended up being way longer than it should have!

so i jumped back out of bed, headed for the shower before getting teen ager up. then teen ager didn't feel like driving so i volunteered to drive her.

ok, i can do this! i can do this! i had to be back at the office by 9 for kiroman after dropping teen ager off at 8:30...

flight tracker now says kiroman's flight has been delayed by one hour! no good! this just didn't work for my schedule, let alone his!

i made it to the office in time, got kiroman and went into the airport with him to see what was what.

the flight was really on time and flight tracker had some type of hiccup.

i kissed kiroman good bye and wished him great luck and headed back home to feed puppies and ponies, change my clothes into my interview attire, get my work out clothes ready, throw some laundry in and grab something quick to eat.

IMG_0806 here is my something quick to eat. zingers. they are my go to snack of choice right now. please don't judge me.

then off to the mall to get some much needed lipstick and travel hair spray and say helloooooo to my mom. then it was off to my nail appointment.

after that appointment and on my way to the interview, i made a few calls.

i did the interview [we are interviewing for a new front desk person] and then it was time to pick up teen ager.

while sitting in the pick up line i chatted with my mother in law.

teen ager and i headed to the gym where trainer promptly kicked our collective asses.

After workout i didn't even have the energy to drive home. it was the hardest workout we've had yet. i was sweating and this wasn't the kind of sweat where you know you are working hard. this was the kind of sweat where i just knew i was going to toss my cookies all over the gym floor. i was shaking, i was angry, i was frustrated, i was not a happy camper. but i got over it. do you see my white knuckles on the steering wheel? that should tell you something...i was hanging on for dear life at this point!

teenager and i stopped at target on our way home to pick up essentials, then home to make supper because we were both starving!

this is what i came home to:

IMG_0808 i debated posting this pic. the kitchen is a pit. there is no room left on any of the counters. those dishes are from the previous night...then i made supper in the middle of this mess. apparently the garbage can is so full that no more garbage will fit so we just piled it on the counter along with the dirty dishes! yay me!

IMG_0814 but this is what i turned it into with just a bit of elbow grease and about 20 minutes! go me!

so you know how there were day old dinner dishes? well, this is where the experiment comes in. i read in the may issue of woman's day that if you pre-rinse your dishes before loading the dishwasher, you are wasting water and your time. most dishwashers made within the last 9 years do not require that. who knew? well, my dishwasher is in the neighborhood of 12 or 13ish years old. so i thought, what the hell...i'll try it. the worst that can happen is that i will have to re-wash, right? well...

IMG_0815 i didn't pre-rinse a single thing and everything came out great! really, no lie! try it and see...who knows! i'm so glad i tried it...i'll be saving me some time along with some h2o...go me!

oh ya, somewhere in here, i fed puppies and ponies one more time, too! and probably let the puppies out to potty numerous times!

IMG_0811 cujo and sister are is shy and does not eat in front of the camera.

now it's almost time for kiroman to hit the stage. i get a phone call from a spizzy spouse and we chatted til kiroman went on.

but just before show time, teen ager wanted some ice cream.

Me getting ice cream

teen ager: "mom make me ice cream."
me: "ok hang on"
*i open the new ice cream*
me: "throw this away"
*handing teen ager plastic off of the ice cream tub*
teen ager: "don't tell me what to do"
me: "then get your own damn ice cream"

ok, now it's time for kiroman to hit the stage and for his girls to get comfy in front of the live stream!

Me and blaike watching lyle the white blob in front of the pinkish background...that's kiroman all the way in orange county, ca! talkin the tic with 70ish other chiro's. is that freaking awesome or what?

and one last thing before i stick a fork in it and call it done...i saw this on clickin moms and knew i had to have one. so i ordered one for teen ager cool!

IMG_0810 do you know what it is yet? do you give up yet? are you ready for me to 'splain it to you, loooosy?'s an iphone cover that is supposed to look like a leica camera! isn't it cool?

so how do you like the posts with the pics? are the pics redundant? do they liven the place up? would you rather not see them? i find that i am taking more pics than usual just so i have something to post.

it's really all bethany's fault. i'm hooked on reading her blog every day and checking out what pics she has posted. and it's ok to use the "good" camera, the little power shot and even my phone camera. i'm lovin' it! i hope you are, too!

i am grateful:

  • kiroman rocked their world last night
  • i didn't have to run my errands today in the rain
  • i don't have a lot to do before leaving town
  • there was only one can of garbage to haul down the driveway
  • i'm not a cave woman

just breathing isn't living!


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