the dreaded drive home
terrific tuesdsay

marvelous monday

mondays are always interesting.

especially after a horse show weekend.

well, any weekend spent away from home.

i always feel like i need a day to recoup from the weekend of being gone.

strange? probably not really. i bet most of you feel the same way, too!

even though i really wanted to sleep through the morning and wake in the afternoon, i dragged myself outta bed in time to get teenager off to school on time. she was feelin' it, i ended up driving her to it was rainy and who wants to walk that school parking lot in the cold rain? i sure wouldn't and i would have begged a ride off my mom, too!

so, once back home, i started my book work, read through emails, replied to those emails and sent some of my own.

i had a few blogs to check out too...and facebook and my daily challenge and my junk mail box.

and so it goes.

at some point i did get in the shower and headed out for the afternoon.

first stop:

Ups the ups store. kiroman needed a piece of equipment sent in for warranty repair. it needed to be packed great and shipped expediently. this was the place to go. the manager there knows me. he knows that kiroman has expensive equipment and he wonders what he does to them that they need to go in for repair..although it's never the same piece of equipment :) and it didn't even take me 10 minutes to take care of this errand!

Gas the dreaded fuel station stop! and this was with my tank being 1.4 full. eeeeeeewwwwww. and kiroman lost a bet and needed a lemonade to pay up. this is where it gets a little murky. kiroman made and lost the bet but i'm the one that stops to pick up his payment. not sure how this works really but at least the debt is paid!

Red i don't have patience for these when i'm running errands. [red light].

Green but i do like these! [green light]

my next stop was to the office. so i could drop off the debt payment and a few other things. i hung out for awhile [i timed it so they would be at lunch when i stopped by]. i got adjusted to hit that fast forward button...i knew my immune system was trashed from the weekend. stress, eating crappy horse show food, lack of sleep...that will all take its toll if you aren't careful!

i was able to witness the boyz recording this weeks edition of shift happenz. if you haven't seen it, please check it out every wednesday on the office facebook page HERE

Boyz during their filming, i decided to take a pic...i had no idea they would stop what they were doing to wave to's all tape...check it out.

then it was time to pick up teenager and head to the gym after we stopped by the bank to have a form notarized for college...they want current immunization records. yep, can't have 'em. they don't exist. so we fill out the required paperwork and sign our life away...which is much safer than injecting that crap into our bodies!

Teenager even after stopping at the bank, we still had lots of time before our work out appointment. so teenager got out her laptop and continued working on her faith project. it's a video of her life this far. it's pretty freaking cool, if i say so myself. i can't wait to show it to you here! but i have to wait to unveil until after she presents in class. it's only fair ya know?

Birds see those birds in the tree? they are creepy black birds. i don't like them. and here is what they are waiting for:
Pool they are waiting for the pool to open. we're late. it's usually open by now but the weather has not cooperated very well. when it still acts like winter, there is no reason to open a pool!! back to the birds...they poop all over the pool deck. they make a mess of the pool. they even poop in the pool. after awhile, they go away...i'm hoping they give up and go away before the pool gets opened this year.

Deck the deck furniture is lonely. it would really like to have its cushions. but it still feels like winter here so i don't see the point in dragging them out yet.

Tree but this tree...this tree thinks it's spring. maybe someday it really will be spring.

i need to tell you something about this post: it really did... and i need to talk to you about not rinsing your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. i was informed by a friend today, who's husband was an appliance repair man, that this could actually harm your dishwasher in the long run and if you use a septic system, like all of us in the country do, you could be harming your septic system, too. so...that means i'm back to rinsing but not totally scrubbing like i did before. i think i will rinse/scrape the chunks off and let the dishwasher do the rest!

i am grateful:

  • for a great work out with trainer and teenager
  • for all the green lights i experienced today
  • to get back into my regular routine
  • for gaining faith in my phone camera
  • for laughter

just breathing isn't living!


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