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why does it always seem like the drive there is so much faster, easier, funner [yes, i know, it's not a word but it fits better here than saying "more fun"] just plain better than the drive home? seriously...the drive to gordyville usa/rantoul/gifford was much easier on friday than from there going home on saturday night/sunday morning. but before we... Read more →

that's where we spent our saturday...well...teenager and i did along with all the other horse show peeps that were there! but first, we need a pic of the bate's motel...i mean the quarters inn and suites... we were happy to be leaving. for good. not to ever return. seriously. never. our next order of business was procuring breakfast. even though... Read more →

and i was so surprised! so shocked. who knew? certainly not i. ok, yesterday was a crazy crazy day and i have a lot to we'll start at the beginning, shall we? kiroman was heading to cali to speak at DCS. teen ager and i were totally bummed that we couldn't tag along this trip but her school schedule... Read more →

please check back tomorrow for a new blog post. kiroman is speaking at DCS tonight in Orange County...he is about to go. teenager and i are watching the live stream and that takes precedence over blogging tonight, peeps! it is now 10:38 CST...he will speak for two hours. i will be wiped and ready for bed. i know you understand!... Read more →

today was errands, errands and more errands. it all started with teenager waking with a headache. thank goodness her daddy is a chiropractor! she decided to hang around this morning until kiroman returned from his workout so she could get adjusted before heading to school. then she decided that mommy should take her to school :) then back home to... Read more →