terrific tuesdsay

super target

yep. my friends say i need a 12 step program concerning my addiction to target.

it's probably true.

i spend a lot of time.

i stop just about every day. seriously. i'm just not organized enough to shop for the week. i should work on changing that. it would save me a lot time and energy and probably money too. i'll think about. but i don't guarantee anything.

so, what happened on wednesday...hmm...[pressing the rewind button]

teenager didn't want to drive herself again today...surprise, right? not.

so i dropped her off at school and trekked back home. where i stared at the piles.

piles of dirty laundry.

piles of papers.

piles of pictures.

piles in the litter boxes.

piles on the kitchen table.

piles in my inbox.

there were lots of piles that were begging for attention.

but it seemed like i spent too much time cruising facebook and surfing blogs and listening to rachael ray on tv.

and it was on rachel ray that i heard this guy: dr anthony youn. he talked about some things that really bother me. like...how med students are allowed to take a class over and over and over again until they finally pass. he said it is really hard to fail out of med school because of this policy of being allowed to retake classes til you pass. he said he knew a guy that took EIGHT YEARS to get through FOUR YEARS of med school because he had to re-take so many classes. on top of that...he said that doctors are going to google and wikipedia with patient symptoms in order to diagnose their conditions. WOW! are you kidding me? i just can't even believe this one! teenager is not allowed to site wikipedia as a source for papers at her high school because it is not a reliable source of information yet MEDICAL DOCTORS are using the information found there to treat their patients. unforgivable in my never to be humble opinion.

after listening to that debacle, i was able to force myself to get my book work completed for the morning and hop into the shower.

at some point the sun co guys arrived to revive the pond! yahoo!!! i always look forward to this fine spring activity. they are so awesome! they catch all 8 fish and put them into a big tank, pump all the crappy nasty water out of the pond, dig the winter sludge out by hand, power wash the inside of the pond, pump that sludge out, re-fill with clean water, return the fish and voila! this is the end result:

Pond the waterfall is back in play! i love it! i have so missed the sound of the water falling off the rocks when i walk out the front door. heaven to my ears! although sister was quite confounded by the whole thing the first time she went out. she had to check out the waterfall up close and for real. at least she didn't fall in!

so then it was time to pick up teenager and we were supposed to work out after school...note the HOWEVER? well....

the pond had just started re-filling when it was time to head for school. and here's the problem...the pond guys? they don't stick around to watch the water fill the pond. their job is done once there is enough water in the hole to replace the fish then they are outta there and on to the next stop. so...that meant canceling the workout so i could get back home to watch the re-fill process. i certainly did not want to see the pond get over filled!

so i picked up teenager, texted trainer and headed back home. well...teenager had received a message from a college that the immunization form needed to be signed by a parent instead of her. she was all panicked and wanted it done NOW so while waiting for the pond, i re-printed the form, filled it out and then we headed to the bank to have it notarized. then it was a stop at my favorite shopping place ever:

Target seriously, if you can't find it at target, it probably isn't worth having unless it's ea sports tiger woods golf 2011. and they didn't have it but gamestop sure did!

Lavender pants i just loved that he has the guts to wear lavender pants in public. look at them...aren't they awesome?

B 1 this was the first pic i took but then we realized that i needed to take one more in order to explain this one

B 2 i told teenager to pick me out some body wash because i had used the last of mine and it was going to be a few days before i made it back the bath and body works to get me some warm vanilla sugar. first i must say that once we entered target, teenager went straight for the hot dog because she was starving. then once we hit the body wash aisle, she had to smell all them and that's what is on the end of her nose. the olay body wash. yes, i am very proud of her. we all are.

Wedges teenager loves wedges. usually they are pretty skimpy and only put like 5 wedges in a container but today she hit the mother load! look at all those wedges in there all snuggled together!!!

Groceries and here is the total damage for this trip. not bad really...there was lots of room for more!

Plant two days ago the challenge on me you health was to purchase a live plant for the home or office. i'm big on keeping live plants. i've never been very good at keeping them alive. but it was a challenge and i rarely, if ever, back away from a challenge. so this is what teenager and i came home with. we'll see how it goes.

and then we had a late dinner as kiroman had a wellness workshop at the office. we all sat around the table and chatted about our day. i forgot to mention that tuesday night we held a group interview. we are hiring two chiropractic assistants as we have one leaving the end of june to join her husband's business after being part of our chiropractic family for over 12 years! and we just need to add one more! so we talked more about the upcoming interviews, which started thursday.

then we just plain vegged for awhile and watched the new criminal minds with forrest whitaker. not sure if i like it as much as the original but we will give it a shot!

i fell asleep and kiroman tried to stay up to watch the laker game. i'm not sure how long he lasted but it was way before the game was over!

just as we were drifting off, i could hear my cell ring so i jumped outta bed and ran across the house but i was too late, voicemail picked up. but i saw it was mr big mike.

mr big mike is our horse trainer. he doesn't call that late at night with good news. so i picked up the land line and called back as i tried to pick my stomach off the floor. no sense in borrowing trouble until i know exactly what the sitch [situation] is.

he was calling to tell us that kiwi had her baby. but i knew he wasn't just calling to me that...he was calling to me that she had a lethal white baby. i was devastated. i felt so bad for kiwi, for mike and gretchen [they are the ones that have to directly deal with this since kiwi lives at their ranch] and for us. kiwi is a great broodmare. a great mom. i just want her to make it through this ok.

i am grateful:

  • the pond is cleaned up and looks wonderful!
  • i have my second interviewees narrowed down and scheduled
  • for fresh sheets on the bed
  • my paper shredder
  • easter break

just breathing isn't living!


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