marvelous monday
super target

terrific tuesdsay

my tuesday actually starts after i went to bed monday night.

remember how i told you teenager was working on this faith project and how cool it is? well, when she went to  burn it to a dvd, it deleted itself from her imovie. it deleted itself from her computer completely.

i knew this before i went to bed but i was hoping that after the dvd burn, it would some how, miraculously re-appear.

teenager went to the shower and kiroman and i went to bed.

we were sound asleep when teenager flung our bedroom door open in total hysteria.

poor kid. it had taken her hours to put this project together and in a matter of seconds, it was gone!

kiroman and i jumped out of bed and we all headed to the great room. where we tried in every manner possible to calm her down. but if you know anything about teenage girls then you know how hard our task was. we felt so bad for her and there was absolutely nothing we could do for her.

she finally had enough of us trying to console her with the fact that she still had plenty of time to get the project done. she had plenty of time to make it good again.

she went one way and we went the other.

it took forever to get back to sleep but i did. finally.

kiroman works out at 7am on tues. he has to leave by 6:30...he got a call about 6:28...his trainer had over slept. work out canceled so he came back to bed. which is amazing because he is not a late sleeper nor is he the type to go back to bed once he's up!

before we knew it, the alarm was going off and it was time to get teenager outta bed and off to school. yikes! i was not looking forward to this after the midnightish hysteria.

she was still upset andi couldn't blame her one single bit. i would be upset. angry. crying and probably inconsolable too! that was a lot of work to go down the drain right before your eyes.

she was too tired to want to drive to school so i took her while kiroman did his uac accountability call.

whew...the morning is going pretty good so far.

once i got home from dropping off teenager, it was about time for kiroman to head to the office. once he headed off, i started my day here at home. a little bit of book work, jump in the shower and off to do some errands.

i know, it seems like there is never a day that goes by that there isn't at least one errand to be done!

Me see how happy i am when i am running errands? that's my happy face for real!

Goodwill this was the focus of errands today. i had two bags of clothes to drop off. they had been sitting in our closet forever and today just seemed like the day to take care of this one errand!

Temp this proves our weather is crazy. do you see why? it's april 19th and i have my seat heaters on high! i don't like this. not one single bit. i should have the sun roof open...not the heat set to 74 and warming by buns at the same time!!

Hannity while running errands in the afternoon, sean hannity keeps me company. sometimes this is a good thing. and sometimes this is a bad thing. good because i like being informed on politics. bad because being informed on politics tends to rile me up, put me edge, tick me off. it's kinda like a catch 22 for me some days.

Marian once my goodwill errand was taken care of, it was time to get in the pick up line at school. this is where you arrive no later than 20 minutes before final bell, in order to get a good place in line. then you wait. and wait. and wait for your student to emerge from the building and plant herself in the car. this is usually about 30 minutes after you first arrive. this is the price you pay to get a good place in line!

Rb float 1 surviving the last few weeks of senior year merits an after school snack. today's snack is a rootbeer float! look how big teenager is! she's making her own float!

Rb float 2 i'm so proud of her using her muscles to scoop that ice cream! i wonder if she will scoop me some?

Rb float 3 rootbeer float in process

Rb float 4 yum-o! cheers to you, teenager!

Rb float 5 i bet that hits the spot!

Apple butter what could go better with a rootbeer float butter!

Apple butter 2 more importantly...toast with apple butter. definitely yum-o!

Bro and sis and this is how i end tuesday. bro and sis are wrestling. this is what they do. all the time. non stop shenanigans. please excuse the graininess of the pic but the zoom on my phone camera is not so great.

i am grateful:

  • there is a place to take my gently used and currently unwanted clothing
  • for talk radio
  • teenager was able to get the faith project done...again!
  • for the drop off/pick up service from fashion cleaners
  • for happy dogs :)

just breathing isn't living!


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