gordyville, usa
marvelous monday

the dreaded drive home

why does it always seem like the drive there is so much faster, easier, funner [yes, i know, it's not a word but it fits better here than saying "more fun"] just plain better than the drive home?

seriously...the drive to gordyville usa/rantoul/gifford was much easier on friday than from there going home on saturday night/sunday morning.

but before we get into the drive home, we must take care of some unfinished business from saturday.

first of all...here are some pics from the show that i neglected to put in the last post:

Show pen the gal on the horse, in the pen, all dressed in pink...that's teenager. the guy in blue jeans and tan cowboy hat...that's mike. mike the trainer. we refer to him as mr big mike.

Line up the girl all in pink again...that's teenager. in the line up. after the class. waiting for the placings to be called for 4 judged. it was a great show! it was run very efficiently and everyone was so nice there.

Ribbonsand here you see the placings for teenager and cookie. for those of you that don't know, this is what you win at a horse show. recognition and a ribbon. for all your hard work. for all of your practice. for all of your hurry up and waiting at the show. but it's all good.

ok...now we can go back to our regularly scheduled blog! and we will pick up where i left off last time. we made it to the quad cities. we made it to the hampton inn. we made it to a really nice hotel room that in no way, shape or form resembled anything close to the bate's motel!

so sunday morning my alarm was set for 7am. i thought i hit snooze. but i really didn't. i awoke at 7:30, knowing something was off.

yep, that would be me! i overslept by 30 minutes. dang it! so i jumped outta bed and started digging my bathroom stuff outta the suitcase.

kiroman texted to make sure we were up. well, we weren't up but i was. teenager didn't need to roll outta bed until about 5 to go!

so i threw on my sweats, which are my fave traveling clothes. i like to be comfy, cozy while driving for long stretches at a time. no need for fashion at this time! i brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and threw on a new layer of make up.

i threw my pj's in the suitcase, woke teenager and away we went.

we stopped in the lobby and grabbed some juice and an omelet for the road and then we hit it!

just a few miles down the road is the world's largest truck stop in walcott, iowa. i needed to fuel the jeep and teenager needed the experience of the world's largest truck stop.

Photo they really do have a food court in this joint...loaded with dq, wendy's, taco bell and pizza hut.

Under sign this is inside the world's largest truck stop! they have a dentist! they really need a chiropractor! i think at one time, there was a chiropractor here. i mean, it is only a few minutes from the fountainhead of chiropractic, palmer college of chiropractic.

Purple lion teenager thought the purple lion was cute until she saw the unicorn!

Unicorn 2 then it was love at first site. she has been searching for one of these silly, flat pillow creatures forever!

B and unicorn hug she loves the unicorn. and the unicorn loves her. i'm sure of it.

B sleeping see how they snuggle up together in the car to nap? while i'm left to drive all by my lonesome.

Klingon car left to my own devices. taking pictures of klingon cars. well, actually, teenager took this pic before she hit the snooze button. once we pulled outta the world's largest truck stop, these guys passed us. that's when teenager says to me:

"ya know mom, what you should do is get behind those guys. they're going XX mph and if anyone is going to get pulled over, it will be them first. that's what i do!"

so i swung in behind them, set my cruise to stay exactly 3 seconds behind them and we cruised for the next 3 hours. once we hit des moines, they went right and we went left. so really, they aren't the klingon car, we totally were! and we thank them for being our blocker!

Windmill 1 and part of iowa is completely over taken with these windmills. i hate these windmill farms. they totally creep me out.

Windmill 2 they may be good for the environment. they may be good to reduce our oil dependency. but they are bad for my psyche. seriously bad. they give me nightmares. all i see when i see these things are the tripods from was of the worlds. and i'm not talking about the tom cruise movie version. i'm talking about the junior high trophy wife version. the version we read when i was in junior high. the version i envisioned while reading this novel.and i just can't get the rewind button to work. i can't get it outta my head so i'm hoping that putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard, and release it! wish me luck, please and thank you!

1st odometer this where this trip began.

Last odometer and this is where this trip ended. we left at 3:30pm friday afternoon. we were home at 12:30pm sunday afternoon. 45 hours, two nights, a great day at the horse and 1046 miles later. it was all so worth it! well, except for maybe sleeping with the bugs at bate's motel.

i am grateful:

  • for the safe travel all the way home
  • for the blocker car we had for the first half of our sunday morning trip
  • for not getting a speeding ticket
  • it was not raining on the way home
  • to just be home

just breathing isn't living!


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