night time escapades
just another tuesday...

things to work on...

obviously, blogging.

obtusely, blogging with photos.

i am drawn more to a blog with lotsa pics on it yet i rarely post pics here anymore.

i ask myself why and this is the answer i received:

it's a pain in the butt.

it's a pain to upload the pics to iphoto, move them to the desktop so that i can more easily access them in order to upload to the blog. then there is the whole re-sizing thing. ya, i know...someone out there has a great photoshop elements action that will do that for me but...

i know i downloaded but have totally misplaced them somewhere on this hard drive. i have no idea how to install an action. and i haven't taken the time to look for solutions to either one.

my one little word

ya know...experience.

i just haven't blogged much about it. i just haven't really done much with it at all.

but i am having experiences ALL THE TIME. it's time to get down to business with this one.

this is something i'm really good at it

i have been awesomely phenomenal about writing in my Journal 10 every single day since it hit my hot little hands.

Journal closed

Journal open
this is such an awesome journal. it does not take the place of regular journaling. it does not take the place of scrapbooking. it's adjunctive to both though. this is what i find so inspiring about how this journal's a ten year journal!!! seriously! each page gives you lines to capture your day for 10 straight years! there is no digging through albums or diaries to see what you did 5 years ago on this very you journal TODAY you see the past yesterday's :) feb 17, 2011...that's when i started. you can start anytime! no need to wait til jan 1 to get started. run, don't walk, to the website and have yours sent today.

and look - photos

on my blog

oh my!

stay tuned to see what may happen tomorrow!!! just sayin'

i am grateful:

  • spring might have finally sprung in my neck of the woods
  • for spending some great time with Dr Patice LaVoie this past weekend
  • teen ager had such a great time at the miranda lambert concert this weekend
  • the ice maker is functional once again
  • for ibooks on my ipad

just breathing isn't living!


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