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i just don't feel well. headache, back hurts, sore throat and just sleepy. not complaining and not looking for sympathy. just explaining the lack of graduation post. it must be post graduation blahs...i don't really know since i've never had a kid graduate high school before. so anywho, stay tuned for a grad post headed your way soon i am... Read more →

sorry. it's been a busy few days. i was late posting for friday, haven't yet posted for saturday and sunday isn't in the bag yet either. but i will get through it and you will read about it here, i promise! i'm not going to do a catch up post because teen ager graduated sunday and that totally deserves a... Read more →

sort of. not a full out date night. but close enough. first it was going to be a family date night as teen ager was going to stay home. what? an almost graduated from high school 18 year old staying home on a friday night? yep, that would be our daughter. however, she got her crap together and decided to... Read more →

that's what today was. honors assembly. an assembly for those honored. honored for grades. honored for service. honored honored honored. and here are the pics to prove it after the assembly, kiroman headed back to the office while teen ager and i headed out to take care of a few things. one of those being lunch at tgifridays. this was... Read more →

that's what this post is going to be! there are some things i need to catch you up on and they go back to last weekend. so bare with me, will you? i totally forgot to post this video. this video goes back to last weekend when teen ager and i went to texas roadhouse for dinner. and it wasn't... Read more →