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so my monday probably did not start as early as it should have. i stayed up too late sunday night. i need to go to bed earlier than i do. this night owl stuff is starting to catch up with me! i know i am more productive in the morning...most people are. but i truly enjoy the peacefulness of the... Read more →

yay! today was a rarity. teen ager and i are usually gone on father's day. usually we are doing something horse show related. either at a show or practicing for one. this year, we were home! hoorah! so this is how we celebrated: teen ager came home late saturday night after deciding she didn't want to stay at a friend's... Read more →

experience the past month has been full of it. not just the past month. every single day can be described as one conglomerate of an experience right? right. tonight i am really feeling this word. in a way that i haven't all year. in the past month i have experienced the high school graduation of our one and only child.... Read more →

a feeling of helplessness. a feeling of dread. a feeling of surrealness. a feeling of the inevitable. a feeling of being prepared for the worst while praying for the best. a feeling of hopefulness. a feeling of gratefulness. a feeling of being a victim. a feeling of a permanent knot in my stomach. a feeling of just waiting. a feeling... Read more →

i'm not always rushing. i'm not always in a hurry. but the last week or two, i have been both. and here is one thing that is sure to annoy me. especially at super target. i do not appreciate being in line behind this person: she's the lady with 3 screaming children that some how she never hears. she's the... Read more →