this goes way back
short road trip

AJPHA 2011 World Show

just a small re-cap, more or less.

i should have done this sooner but i didn't so i am going to try to get it all down right the best of my ability.

here goes:

world show starts with teen ager and i heading for fort worth on sunday june 26th. we got outta here just before 10am. not too shabby, i was thinkin'.

Miles to go this little snap shot shows miles to go and estimated arrival time

Miles to go and here is a classic example of not using cruise control and hogging both lanes of the interstate. you will notice that i am following at safe distance, although my patience was not happy...i wanted these people outta my way. NOW! yes, sometimes i am an impatient driver...i admit

Miles to go and this is stupid road construction

Miles to go i do not understand why merging is so difficult and time consuming. just merge. what's the big deal?

we got into town between 8 and 8:30...checked into our room and headed over to the show, found our stalls and then found our peeps over in the watt arena. so we hung out for awhile before we headed for we could be back at the arena around lunch time.

which we accomplished. then teen ager and cookie made a few trips around the pen and got warmed up. then teenager and i headed out til time to be back to ride later.

and that's how our days went...ride for a bit, break for a bit and ride some more.

wednesday morning was the paid practice and we were there. teen ager's mouth was hurting. she has a wisdom tooth issue and it causes some discomfort from time to time. then she said that the wire in her braces had moved and that hurt. i called our orthodontist at home and got a number for someone near us and had teen ager there at noon to get it under control. whew.

thursday was show day and kiroman was getting in about 9am and took a cab to the hotel to save me the heartache of picking him up. we then headed to ihop for breakfast and back to the hotel for teen ager to get ready.

once she was ready, it was off to the show for us. where it was then hurry up and wait...but that's the way of all horse shows, isn't it?

i really slacked on taking pictures down there. you have to understand, the nerves are short and it just isn't the right time and place to be pointing a camera in teen ager's direction. i respect her and kept everything low key!

there were two cuts for her class. she was in the 2nd cut and she made it back to the finals which were just a little later in the evening.

it was a tough class! so many kids had such awesome rides, it would have been hard to pick the winner.

teen ager and cookie undoubtedly had the best ride they have ever had. they were 5th overall and we are so very proud of them!!!

Miles to go teen ager and cookie just chillin'. actually, i think cookie is looking for those little apple treats...just one more!

Miles to go this is the best thing about horse all the silver on your saddle!!! not!

Miles to go but teen ager is hard at work and it's so shiny!

Miles to go
Miles to go
Miles to go
Miles to go
Miles to go
Miles to go
Miles to go
i just received a message from our friends at the lake. he asked if we had picked up our boat because his wife thought it was gone tonight. we haven't picked up our boat. i am freaking out. it's about 10pm and i'm ready to jump in the car with teen ager and my mom to road trip to the lake to see if it is really gone. he then messaged me and said he and his wife are going right now to check since they are only 10 minutes away and i am an hour. i am impatiently waiting to hear from them, crossing my fingers and toes that it is still there.

so here i sit, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping it is good news. is good news! the boat is safe and sound and i am so grateful for mark and tammy...for watching out for us, for making a late night call to check...they are great people!!!!!!!!! i can't thank them enough...good friends are awesome to have!

i am grateful:

  • for mark and tammy!!!!!!!
  • for friends that look out for one another!
  • teen ager and my mom offered up to ride with me right away when they found out!
  • for crossing errands off my list today
  • for easy dinner recipes that the family loves!

just breathing isn't living!


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