good grief

cashier etiquette

i know this is just my own personal opinion but i think i talk for many folk out there.

when checking out with a cashier, whether it be at the grocery store, a wait person at a restaurant or any other store of convenience...

if i, the person purchasing merchandise in your store, thus providing the company you work for with income that they in turn use to pay you, hand you my card/money, would you please hand it back to me.

it really ticks me off when i hand you my card or cash and you lay it on the counter to return it to me.

that's not nice. it's not courteous and it plain ticks me off and makes me not want to visit your establishment ever again.


how hard is it for you to hand me my card or my change? did i lay it on the counter or did i have the courtesy to hand it to you?

this happened to me yesterday. in a clothing store at the mall. this store is notorious for doing this. i am notorious for signing my name illegibly as my little way to retaliate.

the next problem i have is this:

i went into a store yesterday and paid for my item with cash. almost the exact change cash. my change was a penny.

can you even believe that the cashier had the balls to ask me if i wanted my penny back? and when i said YES, she looked at me in a way as to make me uncomfortable for wanting what was correctly due. can you believe that? i couldn't believe that. i wish i could tell you that i told her right to her face how demeaning it is for her to ask if i wanted my change but i didn't. i did mumble quite loudly about it as i was leaving the store. i wonder if she would have asked if i wanted my change if my change were greater than a penny? what's the cut off amount?

this is along the same lines kind of problem:

when you are in a restaurant and the wait person acts as your cashier also. and you pay your bill in cash and they almost always ask if you want change they just assume that anything left over is their tip. first of all, they should never assume anything. it could be that i am a stingy customer and tip poorly. it could be that they are a crappy wait person and deserve no tip. it could be that my plan was to leave the change as their tip but now i'm ticked that they asked and assumed and maybe i won't leave a tip at all based on that.

what it comes down to: hand my change/card back to me, don't lay it on the counter...i have artificial nails -sue me -and it's difficult to pick that dang card up off the counter! besides, it's just nicer if you hand it to me.

don't EVER ask if i want my change! it's mine! your assumption should be that i do want my penny! duh!

so if you don't see me back in your establishment, spending my hubby's hard earned money, you may have been one of the above offenders.

i pray you change your evil ways.

i am grateful:

  • for finding an awesome new dentist!
  • to have stalls done before kiroman gets home from a long day
  • someone loaded the hay for me today
  • i am getting caught up around here
  • for a great pond guy!

just breathing isn't living!


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