monday monday,
cashier etiquette

good grief

it scares me to think about this:

people don't know what they don't know

i posted something to this effect as a facebook status the other day.

i also said that i am amazed when this happens to me.

meaning, when i realize that i now know something that i didn't previously know, i am truly amazed.

now, when i say that, i don't mean that i know everything there is know. because i don't. not sure i really even want to know everything there is to know. i want to know enough. not too much.

any who...i had one of those amazing moments this afternoon.

i'm still reeling from the knowledge gained driving the streets of the city today.

let me set the scene:

teen ager and i had been going balls out since leaving for her oral surgery consultation (she gets to have her wisdom teeth removed...lucky girl)

we were driving down one of the main streets of the city, heading to our last (well, what we thought was our last errand stop - turned out it wasn't).

teen ager glanced over to the car in the lane next to us. then she continued to stare. then she told me that she thought the kids in that car were smoking. and i thought, ok...a lot of kids are stupid enough to smoke...then teen ager said they weren't smoking, they were smoking.

so now it was my turn to stare as i manuevered the streets of the city.

and i saw with my very own eyes, a car load of teen agers passing a doobie around the car. while they were driving. while they were driving in the middle of the afternoon. while they were driving on a main street of the city in broad day light...they were passing a joint around the car!

are you kidding me? are you serious? is this really happening?

YES! no, i'm not being kidded. yes i am being serious and yes it was really happening.

i'd like to say i took down their plate number and notified the proper authorities.

but that would be a lie.

i'm not sure why i didn't do that, looking back in hindsight. stupid move on my part.

i don't want these pot heads driving around on my city streets, getting high!

what the heck was i thinking...oh i know..i had a lot of errands. it was hot. i was tired. i wanted to go home.

bad citizen of the day award goes to ME.

i am grateful:

  • for shade and a/c
  • for cool drinks
  • for sunglasses
  • for cruise control
  • for the pick up truck

just breathing isn't living!


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