oh the places you'll go!

hellooooooooooo, friday!

well, here it is.

the day we leave.

i still have so much to do and not sure if there is enough time to accomplish it all!

so, i wanted to get up at 6:30 to get started but i slept like crap last night and was up at least 2 times that i remember! i mean, outta bed 2 times. i have no idea how many times i wok up and rolled over.

i had a headache. i hate headaches. this was a stubborn one and getting adjusted just wasn't helping it go away. s i stayed in bed til a tad after 7, hoping a little more sleep could help the head ache sitch.

and it did, a bit.

so then i hit the floor running...let puppies out. let puppies eat, hit the shower, fed ponies, headed to the hotel to pick up dr miles and take him to the airport.

then back home to get payroll ready but my stupid ass printer wouldn't connect to the computer, my computer wouldn't connect to the other wireless printer and it took 90 minutes to print 7 checks! that put me in a foul mood and way behind schedule.

once checks were written and the deposit was ready to go, we headed to the city. i needed and i do mean needed...a manicure and pedicure. then off to the bank, then to another bank and then to my mom's. then home.

once home, i had some office work that needed my attention before we leave and i was able to get some checks printed out...i have no idea what the problem is with this printer...never done this before...it just wanted to sit and be idle and not print!

so that was done, and i talked teen ager into vacuuming out my car since it was her dogs hair all over it!

then i finally got around to packing - i hope i remembered everything! i know i have shorts, tops, swim suits and under wear! what more could i need??

then i printed off instructions to our great house sitter, fed critters one more time, brought garbage cans up the drive - with some help from kiroman -, mapped out our route, ate some supper, cleaned up my task list, picked up after teen agers and now i'm waiting til it's time to wake kiroman and head out.

we are driving to another city to the airport. he's been up since 4am and needs some snooze time before we head out on a 4 hour drive...stupid flood. otherwise, we'd all be tucked in bed, waiting for the alarm to wake us at 3am so we could go to the airport in our city!

oh well...this trip is going to be awesome and it is so needed right now!

i can't wait.

kiroman can't wait.

teen ager and friend can't wait!

but friends, i will be without internet access for the next 7 days!


no facebook.

no blogging.

no reading my blogs.

no email.

just hanging with my family.

enjoying life.

totally and 100% unplugged!


i'll catch you on the flip side!

i am grateful:

  • for vacations
  • for clean litter boxes
  • for fresh nails
  • for palm trees on my toes
  • for a napping kiroman

just breathing isn't living!


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