hellooooooooooo, friday!
back to reality

oh the places you'll go!

so...we have embarked upon our journey. kiroman took a bit of a nap before we headed out. teen agers headed out to see a friend. i told them if they weren't home by 10:30pm we were leaving without them. they were home on time and i woke kiroman at 10:45pm and we loaded up the jeep. with one stop by the office to drop off a monitor, we were off. we took the highways and byways route and it worked out just fine. i think the 3 hour trip had an extra 45 minutes. we stopped once in small town iowa for a pop and potty break. somewhere around 2am, i needed OUT of the jeep so we pulled into a rest area. we had about 15 minutes to go. found a place to fill the ol jeep up and found the parking lot to our terminal about 3:30am. we slept in the car til 5:20am. it was pretty heehaw to see all four us struggling to find comfortable positions! everyone wished for the excursion back! but we survived and now we are waiting at our gate for the rest of our adventure to begin! love you guys! i am grateful: *for safe travels to the bigger city *for not having a sore neck because of sleeping in the jeep *for spunky teen agers *for remembering everything (i hope) *a great house sitter just breathing isn't living! sincerely, the trophy wife